Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hmm, mildly interesting...


Hey Squadies, while shopping at my local Toys r Us this morning, i noticed something strange.

20m boxed Strongarms and Firestrikes shared the shelves with 15m boxed versions, unfortunatley still with the grey trigger.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it simply a mispackaged shipment of these blasters, or is someone in the packaging and shipping department being nice to Aussie and other underpowered Nerfers. Let us know!

EDIT:  Sunday 14/4/13, found 20m boxed Rampages at a local Big W.


  1. Interesting... 65 feet? The Firestrike and Strongarm have been said to have higher ranges with the orange triggers as well. So maybe it could be.

  2. Maybe Hasbro is being sneaky and putting orange-trigger internals into a grey-triggered blaster?

  3. Hasbro claims that they didn't change anything, just that the test from ISO came back saying they can reach the advertised distance even with the stricter Aussie guidelines.