Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Collection


Hey everyone, so today i decided to rearrange and organise my collection of blasters. This collection has grown form a single Recon (Dark Grey paint) my girlfriend got my for my birthday in 2011. In a year and a half, we have really got quite a few great blasters.

Unfortunately i ran out of hooks, so for now the Elites sit on their pegboard on the floor til i aquire some more.

N-Strike                                                                      N-Strike Elite
Alpha Trooper x2   (OMW)                                       Firestrike (Orange Trigger)
Barrel Break                                                               Hail Fire (Orange Trigger)
Big Bad Bow (Dart Compatible)                               Jolt (Grey Trigger)
Barricade                                                                    Rampage (Grey Trigger)
Deploy                                                                        Retaliator (OMW Stage 1, Stage 2 Preorder)
Element                                                                      Roughcut 2x4 (Orange Trigger)
Firefly (OMW Spring)                                               Stockade (Orange Trigger)
Jolt x2                                                                         Stryfe (Orange Trigger)
Longshot (OMW Immortal)                                       Strongarm (OMW Preorder, Orange Trigger)
Longstrike (OMW)                                                     Triad (Orange Trigger)
Maverick x3
Nite Finder (OMW Spring)
Raider (OMW)
Rayven x2 (High Voltage)
Recon (OMW Massacre)
Recon (OMW Unleashed 1+2)
Reflex x2
Secret Shot
Spectre (OMW Spring)
Stampede x2 (OMW Springs, High Voltage)
Switch Shot
Unity Power System
Vulcan (OMW Spring, High Voltage)

Theres a pinpoint sight, and a fair few other accessories still to move, but il get around to it soon.
If you have any questons about the collection, or certain blasters, let me know!

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