Wednesday, May 15, 2013

N-Strike Switch Shot

 (Crispy) Hey everybody,

I've decided to go ahead with my review of the Nerf/Wii Switch Shot while i impatiently await the arrival of my EAT.
I have spoken to the seller and am expecting some pinpoint sights as a form of compensation.

 I managed to find a NISB Switch Shot after keeping an eye on eBay for months, and as you can see from the above picture, they really make it obvious
that this blaster is for Wii. It in theory it's a great idea, bundle a sub-par video game with a cool blaster, and it will sell. The other bonus is that as a Wii remote is standard, it will work for any Wii shooter. I have played both games on the Wii with this, and they are both pretty average.
This review will focus on the blaster element, let me know if you want a serve of the Wii remote side of things.

Dart blaster option is far superior to Wii blaster
 On the back we have the usual for Nerf, along with more Wii and EA Games endorsement. As usual there is the 'Fires up to 35 feet/11 metres', and when i actually did a test firing, 7 out of 10 shots went closer to 14 metres, with virtually no angle. I'm looking forward to throwing a 6kg spring in here just to see what damage can be done.

Cable Tie fixing, rather than Elite cardboard wrap.

 The build quality of the Switch Shot is actually quite good, there are no creaks, its feels solid in your grip, and is about af powerful as it's cousin the Nite Finder.
But the major flaw, which still seems to be around is a bottom tac rail that is too small to be useful with most attachments (think Hail-Fire).
It's also running the standard 3 dart capacity, which is disappointing, but a well placed shot from this will thankfully only cost you 1.

With plunger tube housing.

And without, the Wii Remote fits perfectly in place.

Overall, this is a pretty fun little blaster and will be a faithful sidearm, but outclassed by the Maverick and Spectre. And outclassed by the entire Elite line.
The only real let downs are dart capacity and tac-rail, and limited availability in Australia, it isn't worth the shipping costs (Mine was shipped free!).
For these reasons, i score the Switch Shot a 6.5 darts out of 10, only worth getting if you need a complete N-Strike set, like myself.

Hope you all enjoy the review, and keep on Nerfin'.


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  1. Hi Crispy! I'm new to your site (Thanks, Basic Nerf) and was excited to see this Switch Shot review. I managed to find a Vulcan at a flea market at closing time and, eager to make a sale, they threw in the Switch Shot, too. At first, I wasn't overly impressed. But then I removed the AR and actually bored it open flush to the inner diameter of the barrel, put a pin through the back as a dart stopper, and sealed the pin holes with glue. That blaster is now sick going 60'+ flat indoors (I'm a preacher with access to a large church facility), 80'+ angled at 5' starting height off ground with elite darts & stefans. Suction cups, whistlers, & streamlines go 40+' flat, 65'+ angled. The spring & o-ring are stock and it hasn't been greased it yet. It's not sealed well enough to vacuum load, but I hope to change that. I say all this not to brag; there's nothing that hasn't been done by the mod community tens of thousands of times. Just letting you know that your SS has tons of potential as a side arm even against the Elite. I'd pit it against a stock Firestrike any day. Strategically, it's unassuming power might even win you a couple of scraps. Plus, it could easily be rigged without the blaster portion and affixed to a primary with some sort of secondary trigger adaptation. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for your blog. It'll be a treat to explore your previous posts. And, no worries, I won't be writing a book on each comment section. ;)