Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nerf MEGA Centurion: Pros and Cons


(Crispy) Hey Squaddies,

This will be a quick look into the first wave of Centurions sent by Hasbro to their various trusted bloggers.

I have really wanted to like this blaster from the moment we found out about it, and i guess part of me still does, but after seeing the internals, it kind of bums me out. First off is that it has a reverse plunger. While it is much bigger than the N-Strike plungers, it feels like a huge design flaw from the Hasbro developers.



In defence of the Reverse Plunger, I’m hoping there are clever things in there which made a more suitable candidate than a Direct Plunger. But as if a Reverse Plunger wasn’t bad enough, Hasbro engineers decided to do this…

That’s right, massive slits all the way through the plunger tube, rendering all but the last part essentially useless. This is obviously as a safety precaution, but it really seems like overkill.

Honestly, I hope for all our sake Hasbro sent Reverse Plunger prototypes to everyone to review, but will sell them with a Direct Plunger, but that's unlikely.

Apart from the fact that this beast doesn't make the 100ft distance printed on the box, the long prime will be a big issue for smaller users. Not to mention, the bipod mechanism is incredibly flimsy.

It wont be Modder's like myself who lose out purchasing this blaster, it is the general public. They make up a huge percentage of Nerf’s sales. Modder's will wait eagerly for a spring or a kit, or make one ourselves. I myself was all set to import from the US for the ranges, but after seeing firing demo’s and range tests, I'll be getting a local, cheaper one, and waiting for OMW or Xplorer to get this blaster to it’s full potential.

So all in all, i suppose this is more of a Con list, rather than Pro, but I am just gathering the first impressions for your considerations.

Any Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know!


  1. Crispy it's a frickin crime you don't write more articles!!! Honestly man, my only critique is that the post ended too soon.

    Love your POV and how you write.

    I too am bummed out about this plunger design, but maybe we will see an advanced new MEGA line that uses direct plunger?

    Good job again, and cmon, please, more pen to paper man!

    1. Thanks man, that means a lot, especially from you.

      I felt as though i had to stop short, otherwise I'd still be writing this.
      As more info and issues arise, I'll go into more detail, the aim here was to give everyone a good heads up of whats going on under the hood of this thing.

      I've recently started a new job so that has been taking up most of my time, but the positive response to this has got me fired up to do more. There's a few things I'd love to rant on, but I'll save them for later.


  2. Good write up, when I bought mine I also wanted to like it, I wanted it to be as good as my longshot is, but unfortunately like many who already own the blaster I experienced my first jam the day of buying it. I was really stunned to find that the same safety mechanism that stopped the priming handles from flying forward when one had missed the priming, had been causing the jamming problem. Another thing that really got me bummed was after fixing the jamming issue and shooting maybe 20 rounds or so, the darts started to fold right behind the rubber tip of the dart. For something called "MEGA" I didn't expect the darts to be so flimsy. Out of all 6 of the darts that came with the blaster I only have 3 usable ones. Perhaps I just got a dud package.

    1. Strange, my Centurion works perfectly, still using the original darts, performance was good (better now I've modded it) and i have not had a jam. The darts are an issue, the walls are way too thin. More weight needs to be added to the tip for better accuracy. I'm thinking of doing a mod guide write up if people are interested.

  3. My centurion jams constantly, ruining the darts. Same as that anonymous. I can hardly use it.

  4. YES, Xplorer had did it again.
    First kit created for Centurion

  5. I keep hearing about the gun jamming a lot but for me it has only jammed once after all this time I had it and I usually am unlucky

  6. (Crispy) Anonymous ^

    You make be like me, there are a few Centurions out there that actually perform reliably, without much issue. I am actually still using the original 6 darts since I took possession of it. Look after it, and I am sure it will treat you well.