Thursday, July 18, 2013

Australian Safety Standard: Confused?


So after finding out that they Aus. version Centurion will be capable of ranges up to 23 metres, it got me thinking. Fair to say i was very distracted at work that day.

I had a memory of seeing something in stores that had a 100ft range. Who remembers the old Max Force Shadow Hawk 100?


This is where the Safety Standards make no sense. This blaster can be sold in Australia, unchanged, but the Centurion gets scrutinized? Yes, the ammo types are different, but at a close range, a soaked paper pellet is still going to hurt.

I am unsure what velocities these 2 blasters are capable of, but I assume this is what the Standard looks into, more than anything else.

Or, does it come down to the fact that Hasbro/Nerf is a multi-billion dollar corporation, whereas Max Force isn't, and doesn’t get pressured the way Hasbro does?

Target lists the Shadow Hawk as reaching 22 metres, but BigW has it reaching 30 metres.
Does anyone own a Shadow Hawk who can help shed some light on this issue? Does it actually achieve the range claim? And does the ammo hurt at close range?

Or does anyone know how the Safety Standard applies in this situation?

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. you may be right about Australia letting small businesses flourish. or maybe the Australian government is corrupt and lets its pride get in the way of the truth. u decide

  2. I've actually done extensive research into this and have fired of a few emails to the ACCC, Standards Australia and to Hasbro Australia. I didn't get any reply from Hasbro or Standards Australia and the one reply I got from ACCC was no use at all (and Hasbro use Comic Sans in their emails). All I could find was a site where the Australian toy safety regulations can be purchased. Yes purchased, for the sum of AUD107.78 (for the personal version). The laws that apply are "AS/NZ 8124", "AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2013" being the latest revision. I'm unable to find them anywhere on the net for free. But I'm not going to pay for it just so I can find out what I can't have... humph!

    1. see. if they aren't corrupt then they would openly let us look at it.
      They don't want people to know the truth but why. the truth should be free and easy to access.
      The government just digs themselves deeper

  3. SBNC, $108 is just an insane price. Shouldn't really expect an answer from any group, they are all just concerned about their own interests.

    Anonymous, your probably spot on with the Government being corrupt, honestly doesn't surprise me.

    I'll just keep importing US Spec blasters. I'm expecting an email Friday night about my Centurion being shipped.

  4. So what is the site for the accc 108$ aud book? Be curious to show ppl on this forum to get a good gag at it.