Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mini Review: Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 ('Elite' Repaint)


Hey everyone!

Today i have a small review of something basic for you, until my replacement RapidStrike arrives for me to review properly.

Today we are looking at the Elite repaint of the Reflex.
Although sporting the Elite colours, there is no mention of Elite on the packaging.

I picked this up recently at the Target 20% off sale for a whopping $6.40, usually $8. I know, it's a budget breaker, but someone has to review it right?

Physically, this blaster is the same as it's predecessor internally, with only a redesigned slide and paint job. Performance wise it's exactly the same, but i am seeing a slight range increase. I think this is due to it being new, and the o-ring and lube have not been compromised.
Pretty standard on the back, nothing special.

New and old. Yes my keyboard is glowing blue, be jealous.

Would i recommend this blaster? Probably not, it is basically the same as the original, plus with have blasters in the Elite line which are similar in size and outperform it, mainly the Triad. If you are a completionist like myself, pick one up now while on sale otherwise don't bother.

I'm sorry for this not being a long or in depth review, but it's a basic blaster. Over the next month i hope to get a Rapidstrike, Guardian Crossbow, Elite and Rebelle App Rail and maybe something else up for you.

Thanks Squaddies.


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  1. do the detuned elite blasters shoot further than it