Monday, September 9, 2013

New Nerf Stuff!


Hey guys,

So i may as well make a short post on this.
I happened to be innocently trolling the Internet for shopping goodies and happened across 2 fun things. The first will cause the most chaos, and here it is.

Nerf Elite Rayven Stinger.


So far all we cal tell is this is a repaint, possibly similar to the Gear Up repaint. The darts are also a new colour, hopefully an upgraded Elite dart. Time will tell when these become more avaliable.

Below is a video link of these being seen in stores (Location Unknown)

Next up is a new design of the
Nerf Elite Battle App Tactical Rail Mount Accessory (What an unnecessarily long name! )

This design seems much cooler than the original, and will be suitable for iPhone sized Android phones (more open area for the Camera)

I know this isnt as interesting as the Stinger, but i still find it cool.


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