Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nerf Mission App Tactiacl Rail Mount


While I have some time, I'll get another quick review in.

Up this time is a quick look at the new phone mounts. Originally designed for iPhones, certain Android phones of a similar size are able to fix. The fit onto a Tactical Rail is the strongest of all accessories out there. This thing really is solid, it does not wobble and will not shake off at all.

RS with White Stripe.

I am unable to open the Rebelle version as it technically belongs to my girlfriend, I can't actually open it. But from what i have seen so far the shell is diffent, 2 camera ports, and 2 areas for the Home button.

I cant give a proper review without the App, or an iPhone, but never mind, hopefully this can help you decide if you want the purchase or not.

Front View.

What you see.

Rubber Cushion.

I personally like it on the side.

Really bulky up top.

Unfortunately i have to modify mine for the camera to get a view of the outside world, but with the Tek Recon App, it should be pretty fun to play around with.

My phone, Sony Xperia GO. Same size as an iPhon4/4S.

It's a tight fit.

But no luck for the camera.

 Avaliable at Toys R Us Australia wide for around $25. The Rebelle version is a US Amazon Import.

Will you get one? Or are you an Android user waiting for an Android mount?