Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18


Sorry this review has taken longer than expected. My job has become busier, it's difficult finding spare time. The predecessor to the RS, the Stampede, had some issues. Most notably were the weight in the rear mounted battery compartment, the 6 'D' batteries needed to function and the less than spectacular stock ranges.

Thankfully the Rapidstrike is a great improvement. Let's get into the business end of the review.

Amazon order, arrived before the end of August

ContentStandard packaging from Nerf here, blaster, clear clip, 18 darts and the instructions. Everything is held in place by the standard cardboard loops, so the entire box can just go straight in the recycling.

Standard backing.

Quite simply, this blaster is beautifully designed. Not only is it lighter and smaller than the Stampede, the style is much more aggressive which seems to be the trend for the Elite line. The battery compartment has been reduced to 4 'C' batteries and moved to the front of the blaster, making it a perfect area to rest your hand. The iron sights have also been improved, now featuring 3 points opposed to the Stampedes 2.

My personal RS, the other is a loaner.

Telescoping shoulder stock (Think Longshot)

There are only 3 downsides to this blaster that I have found. The first and most noticeable is the great big orange stripe down the side. All the Elites so far have a beautiful white stripe, then this happens. I don't know who decided this, but I'm not happy about it.

Brother's In Arms!

The second is that we lose a single tactical rail, dropping to 5 total. So far i haven't been able to load up all 5 without looking completely stupid,  so it isn't much of a loss after all.

The clear clip is a brilliant idea, it really is fun watching the darts disappear in no time at all. But everybody will be able to see your remaining ammo levels.

Beautiful 18 dart clear clip.

Third and final, you RS owners may have noticed that the flywheels don't reach the full speed until the trigger is pulled. This can be fixed by modding but isn't a big deal if you are just going to drop in Ultra/Trustfires.

Just some size differences.


Not everybody gets into mods, but for those that do there are already some good ones out there. First and most simple is using high voltage AA batteries ( don't use more than 3! You've been warned!)

Second, people have been painting the stripe white. Simple enough really. I'm not the best at taping and spraying, so i sat there for hours doing individual coats of white paint by hand. It turned out neater than if i had tried to spray.

Next up, we get into the guts of the blaster. Do not remove the lock behind the jam door, this actually resets the dart pusher in the event of a jam. I did this without realising and i now regret it. Moving a wire removes the initial slow flywheel spool, and removing the resistors on the motors makes this a flywheel blaster worth having by your side.

Lastly is a Masterkey mod. Lasergnomes 3D print all the needed parts (review to come!) to fix the Rough Cut securely into place, and a new trigger catch plate.

LaserGnomes Intergrator.

Fan made using LaserGnome parts.

LaserGnomes MasterStrike (Great video!)


+ Improved version of everybody's favourite, the Stampede!

+ The best flywheels and ranges from a powered Elite blaster

+ 5 dps firing with an 18 round clear clip

Avaliable now at most Big W's for around $68. Amazon.com is currently running a sale with the price at around $28 USD, if you want the 75ft version.


+ Excellent primary

+ Consistent ranges with reasonable accuracy

+ Comfortable in the hand, perfect for long battles

- High price

Content/Accessories: 4/5 darts
Aesthetics: 5/5 darts
Functionality: 4/5 darts
Coolness: 5/5 darts
Price: 3/5 darts

S.O.F.T.'s Official Rating: 4.2/5 darts

In closing, this is a fantastic replacement if you are after a new primary blaster, more suited for outdoor battles.

Crispy's Personal Rapidstrike

My RS features a hand painted white stripe, new motors with resistor removal and soon to feature the LaserGnomes MasterStrike Equipment. The aftermarket motors mean i get the performance of Trustfires using the stock 4 'C' batteries (I like the weight in the front.)

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