Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Time for another quality YouNERF! This time, we have a quick look at the craziest action heroes I have even seen, the GunVSGun brothers.

This isn't your standard Nerf battle, it is to the death.Well, if it was, these guys would be in jail right now :P They take ordinary Nerf blasters, and turn them into lethal killing machines, with a few simple special effects and sounds, made with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I love their work, (because it looks great) :D so you should too. Be warned, the brothers videos contain bad language and violence.

News: S.O.F.T.'s 1st Affiliate Announcement

Fellow members, I have a grand announcement! We here at S.O.F.T. are glad to announce that we have officially joined forces with Jason and the team from Basic Nerf, as Nerfing compardres, (i.e, affiliates :P) and we'll be helping each other out. We hope you enjoy your time here at the Squadron, Jason. :)

Well, better start advertising, eh? :P
http://basicnerf.wordpress.com/ Visit his site!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 - It's As Good As It Gets. :P

Hello fellow Squad members, sorry for the delay in posting reviews. Anyway, today, we're having a look at the  N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18. :) I have had one for myself for a while, but I've never decided to analyze it deeply... Until now. :) Let's get started.

Alpha Trooper. These two words are highly prized in the Nerfing community, due to a very good reason: It's great. Not 'great' great, but 'excellent' great. Have I lost you? :P Time for a bit of background. The Alpha Trooper was released in Australia way back in late 2010, alongside the Barrel Break and Spectre. I like to refer to these three blasters as 'The 2010 Trio'. A mix of the Recon and Raider, with a fancy new eighteen-dart drum.

Angle crazy, I am :P
The first impressions of the Trooper :P is that it's very compact and lightweight, when you pick it up and start feeling it. It's about the same size as a Raider (minus the stock) but a lot more streamlined and thinner. The clip is fed at the bottom rather than the side, which was a great decision in my opinion (more on that later) and it does have a bit of oomph behind it, like all the new N-Strike blasters have.

In the box, you get the mightly Alpha, one eighteen-dart drum, eighteen clip-system darts and instructions. The box is up in the attic, along with the other N-Strike boxes :(

First up, I'll describe how the Alpha works. It's one of the most-highly coveted blasters in the current N-Strike range, due to it's highly praised firing ranges and method. The Alpha features TWO firing modes: Single-Fire, and Slam-Fire, where the most fun is to be had with this blaster. To single fire, slide the priming handle to the back position (the gray slider located on the barrel) load in your clip with ammo and insert it into the bottom until it clicks, slide the handle to the most forward postion, then press down on the trigger to fire a single dart. To Slam-Fire, all that is required is to constantly press down on the trigger, and quickly slide the handle back and forth to fire a constant stream of foam fury.

The clip release button is located just near the trigger, and you have to pull down on the clip/drum as well to release it.

If a jam occurs, there is slide-back hatch located on the top, accessed when the priming handle is slid back as far as it can go. In my experiences with the Alpha, it only jams when the operator doesn't slide the handle back and forth as far as it can go. Just a friendly tip :P

Where all the magic happens :P
I LOVE how solid it feels when slam-firing, it's very easy and quick to lay down the fire. Also, it does have some VERY good kick behind it, the darts can reach the other side of my lounge room in a matter of seconds :D You can also hear the darts whistle, and I never knew they whistled :D Very accurate too.

Tiny, but DANGEROUS :D

If I have to have one minor gripe, it's about the priming handle. Maybe because of the size of my hands, I can grip it okay without it slipping off while Slam-Firing, it's just a bit small for my liking. Also, I have trouble finding where to put my thumb, in a comfortable postion :P

Okay, now onto the awesome drum. One word can describe it: Cute :P It's very tiny and compared to the Raider drum. The most important aspect, for me of the drum is the size. The Raider drum is a bit too big for my liked, so I instantly liked this little ripper. You don't want a fat, bulky drum getting in the way of your arms :P If I had one complaint, it runs out of ammo too easily. but, this complaint is soon forgotten. Remember, this is a clip-fed blaster, so it can be easily replaced. It's also been observed by many that straight clips work better than drums. (Excellent consumer advice, we give :P)

The Alpha, has one main Tactical Rail located on the top-back area of the blaster, and it features a stock attachment butt-thing. :P Any N-Strike/Vortex stock can fit onto this with ease. May I suggest the yellow Raider stock that came in a special value Barricade pack? Sturdy, and colour matching to boot :P Alpha is compatible with ALL N-Strike clips.

We've decided to use Mavericks as our standard unit of measurement :P
If I had to come to a conclusion, the Alpha Trooper is a must-buy, for any newcomers to the Squadron and the world of Nerf. It's a lightweight, easy to use Slam-Firing beast and an excellent assault blaster. Only niggle is the limtied capacity, but it's easily solved. Alpha's are going around Target Australia as a exclusive for $20 - $30, so go out, pick one up, and LOVE it.

S.O.F.T.'s Official Rating: 10 darts/10 darts (WOW!!!)

Next up, it's a practical, unique blaster that even surprised me by just how fun it is, the Barrel Break IX-2. Thanks for reading! :D

Preview: 'The 2010 Trio' Reviews

Next up on our review list is the 2010 trio, the Alpha Trooper, Barrel Break and Spectre. These are some of my favourites in my collection, so you can expect some great reviews. :) Which one are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mod Works: Nerf Elite Rampage Internals - Quick Preview!

Thanks to the brilliant SG Nerf, we finally have more info on how the Elite series is supposedly able to gain more distance. The answer is simpler than you think. :P

Mod Works: Nerf Elite Rampage Internals - Quick Preview!: With the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series rapidly building keen interest amongst the Nerf community, many enthusiasts have also been curious... ...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Urban Taggers.: Google is amazing: Someone's (NOT ME!) N-Strike El...

Thanks to Pocket's bloke Jason, we have new insight into the up-coming N-Strike Elite line. After seeing these, consider myself impressed. :D Click on the link for more details. :)

Urban Taggers.: Google is amazing: Someone's (NOT ME!) N-Strike El...:     Our man Jason was doing some Google searches and whoah, look what he found! There are more images after the jump, and they do look ...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Nerf Vortex Lumitron - Disc Lasers Galore!. :P

The Nerf Vortex Lumitron was released alongside the N-Strike Rayven in Australia Early 2012, as part of the new sub-line, Light It Up. I reckon the origins of the Lumitron was to give the Vortex line some justice (since the Vortex line was first released, glow discs were a real possibility) and now, we'll see if the Lumitron can stack up to it's N-Strike 'distant' cousin. :P

The first moment you set eyes on the Lumitron's box art, one certain word springs to mind: Praxis. Yes, the Lumitron is basically a re-painted Praxis with a new paint job, minus the stock, and a whole new Firefly Tech clip thrown in for good measure. If you already own a Praxis, you'll probably just shrug this off and look elsewhere. But, there are some things I like about the Lumitron. Let me explain the good points :P

You can see that area around the name is slightly indented :P
In the good 'ol box, you get your Lumi, 10 glow-in-the-dark discs, the Vortex Firefly Tech clip, and your Instructions. (Seriously, who reads them? :P)

The first about the Lumitron I noticed (apart from one word, Praxis) is that it feels fantastic in hand. The grip feels great, and there is a good weight to the blaster, thanks to the new clip.

For newcomers to the Vortex line, I'll point out the basics. In order to fire the damn thing :P, load up the magazine with discs, pop in the magazine into the slot until you hear a good loud click, pull back the pump handle back towards you, then push it back forward to load the disc into the firing position. Then, it's simple as pulling the trigger. Simple, really. :P

The new paint job reminds me of my brother's shoes, which also glow-in-the-dark too :P It kinda makes sense with these new Light Up blasters, because the standard Vortex paint-job wouldn't fit with the whole Light It Up theme, flouro, I think the word I am looking for :P. I like it, but Nerf has skipped a few places with the re-colouring, preferring with less colours, and more of the same. Therefore, I like the original Praxis colour scheme. don't mind me, I like seeing new colours, but Nerf was a little lazy with the Lumi.

Praxis (top) VS Lumitron (bottom)
But, I absolutely LOVE the detailing the Vortex line, they give off the vibe of these are real alien technology. The hexagonal markings features everywhere on the blaster, and is really great to look at close up.

The clip eject button is located at the back of the blaster, the two switches above the trigger. Its clearly obvious that Nerf has catered to everyone, depending on your preferred hand. It doesn't matter how you wield the Lumi, it still feels fine and natural. I'm going left-handed, just for something a little, 'different' :P 

In case of a jam, (of which from my testing, rarely happens, which is awesome :D) it is located on the right-side of the Lumi, above the Vortex logo. Simply pull it back and point the Lumi downwards to clear the jam. 

Okay, time for the differences. One thing different from the Praxis, is the change in clip disposal. With the Praxis, the clip automatically drops downs, without anything holding onto it. With the Lumitron however, you have to pull down on the clip to remove it. I like this, because it prevents the clip from being damaged if you accidentally pressed down on the switch. Also, I've heard that most people prefer Praxis non-stock attacked, so it gives off that real 'shotgun' vibe to it. :D

The internals are the same as the Praxis, for you modders out there :P

Bad points? It's essentially a Praxis, so distance and accuracy are very alike. The Vortex line is famed for it's ridiculous ranges, and the Lumi isn't any different. Ranges can be up to 20 - 30 metres, and accuracy is bang-on up to and including 10 metres. Just a little tip, discs travel slower than darts, but gain more distance. How you use this information, is up to you, my young Padawans :P

Now onto the Firefly Tech Clip. (4x AA batteries needed) I find this clip to be the most effective of the two Firefly Tech clips, thanks to the location of the LED lights, activated by the little orange switch located at the bottom of the clip. The main LED is located at the bottom of the clip, above the battery slot. Other two LED's are located inside the top disc holder slots. Pictures below. I really like the bottom LED. It's really effective at charging the discs, thanks to the disc slider/pusher-upperer (I don't know the proper name for it, does anyone know?) being transparent, allowing the light emitted the shine through. The top LED's are a welcome addition too, emitting more light for maximum glow effect. :D

Now, for the night-time pics :D As with the Rayven's effects, it's best seen in person.

The glow discs themselves work very well. When they zoom throughout the air, it gives off the impression that they are little lasers firing about the place :P A very cool effect, and awesome to show off to your mates and onlookers. :D

The Lumitron is compatible with all Vortex clips and most N-Strike accessories, with a Tactical Rail located on the top of the Lumi, and the rear is home to a stock attachment slot. Can't see getting my Stampede shield on this thing any time soon :P

So, the verdict. Is it worth your time and money? Coming from a collector's point of view, yes and no. If you already have a Praxis, then this probably isn't for you. But, if you are exactly like me or haven't got a Praxis, then go for it. It's worth it, for the aspect of the glow discs/lasers :P, and a fabulous new, interesting clip. :D And it has a few improvements over the Praxis.

The Lumitron is currently going around for $40-$45 AUD. Pick one up and give it a whirl in the dark, I think you'll like it.

S.O.F.T.'s Official Rating: 8 discs/10 discs :P

Thanks for reading! New review every Friday. I've been a bit slack with this one :P