Friday, April 26, 2013

Arts and Crafts: The Bunker V4.0

(Link) My bunker of doom has done through several incarnations, but I think this is the most AWESOME one yet.

It'll have to do until I can get building permits to hang some hooks in the bunker :P

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Squadron of Foam Tasmania! :D

(Link) Well, thank you for that... unexpected message... myself. :P 

Hard to believe it has been a year since we got S.O.F.T. up and running. I still remember the day, when I took a brand new leap into a new world of blogging. Quiet, cold, and no idea what I was getting myself into :P 

Since then, I think, we, and my fellow admin friends (Alex and Crispy) have come a long way since those early days. :D Since we are now, kinda experienced (yet slack sometimes :P) we'll make this year better than the last, but won't forget all the help, advice and feedback we received during those first few months. A special shout-out must go to Pocket of Urban Taggers and Neil, formerly of the Canberra DT crew, for inspiring me to have a go at blogging for myself, and to Alex of the Hobart Nerf Squadron, for his group name serving as the inspiration for the awesome S.O.F.T. name. As for the logo, I take the credit for that.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, writing us e-mails, leaving comments, affiliation requests, and just reading and viewing our features. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd still be digging my way out of the blogging cave :P 

Hopefully, the rest of 2013 and early 2014 will hold good fortune for S.O.F.T, and Alex, Tom, Crispy, Jack and I are looking forward to the ride ahead. And new blasters :D

Now, what's a birthday without cake? Happy Birthday S.O.F.T.! :D

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rumors: The Elite Rapidstrike, My Thoughts

SG Nerf: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 - Blaster Ph...: Blaster photos of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 have been posted up by Rabysong on Baidu... Photo Credits: Rab...

PLEASE NOTE: These aren't my photos, via SGNerf via Baidu user Rabysong. I'm just offering my opinion on this blaster, surely that's not against the law? :P

Via SGNerf :D

(Link) So... We have a NEW blaster on the horizon, the Elite Rapidstrike. Since we probably won't be seeing this blaster turn up on local shelves soon, it's at least time I offered my thoughts, and do a quick round up of the facts we know thus far.
Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

- At first glance, reminiscent of a Stampede (Elite Stampede we've all been hoping for?) but has a few changes.
- No longer features a Full-Auto Direct Plunger system (of which I was slightly disappointed with) but is vertically flywheel driven, which seems to be current trend these days. :P
- However, this is set to be the first FULL-AUTO (WooHoo :D) flywheel blaster, similar in operation to the Vortex Nitron. (Rev her up, and let the darts fly! :P)
- From a firing video from the same user, it confirms the R.S. is full-auto, and fires at a rate of three darts per second (slightly faster than the Stampede, from my tests, or maybe because my Stampede's old? :P)
- Features a crystal (you wish :P) 18-dart clear clip for easy ammo-checking, a flip-up sight, and an extending stock. Slightly smaller than the original too.
- Five Tact. Rails (especially underneath the barrel, where you can pop the Retailator's grip for a true SMG look)
- Needs 4 'C' batteries to operate, held underneath the front barrel. 

Well, first things first. It does look pretty TUFF and beefy, for such a small blaster. Clearly, the R.S. was inspired by the NIC, from modded and stripped Stampedes. Looks something like a Pulse Rifle from a video game :P (Like the Stampede reminds me of the Typhoon from Mass Effect 3). One thing that bothers me is the orange strip, why isn't it white? :P However, It does look very promising though, maybe Nerf's big 9/9/13 blaster?

Time will tell to see if the R.S. will be a worthy addition to the Elite line. Anyway, sound off below if you'll be adding one to your arsenal. :)

YouNERF - The Great Nerf War: Almost Ghost

(Link) Part one of the Season 2 Finale is up and running, thanks to our great friends at Saulsbury St. Studios. Plenty of action occurs, we find out a secret that the nasty Commander of the Belligerwitch has been 'hiding' (why you never see him with a blaster, always a sword) and a old face finally returns to hopefully, turn the tide of the war. Get on it! :D

Battle of The Blasters 2013: Maverick VS Spectre


Hey fans, time for another round of Battle of Blasters 2013! :D (After a long delay, KINDA my fault.) :P The mighty Pyragon took out the first round, beating the Hail-Fire. And now, onto the second.

This is how it works. Every fortnight, I'll post up a picture of two blasters, and YOU (yes, you) "have the power" to vote (by blog comment, FB comment or e-mail :P) for which blaster that YOU (one vote each please, please provide YOUR thoughts also) think is the best out of the two. By the end of mid-2013-ish, Alex and I will declare the Squaddie's favourite blaster, OF ALL TIME!!! Then I will build a special podium for the victor in the S.O.F.T. bunker, as a way of symbolizing eternal AWESOMENESS. After all, that's what we all strive towards.

This round, it is the veteran against the silence, Maverick VS Spectre. Which is your favourite out of the two? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below.

Nerf Q's: Which Blaster Firing Noise is Coolest? :D

(Link) Hey guys, just a quick question while I get my camera back up and running, a question to ponder.

Which Blaster has the coolest firing noise? For example, the Stampede's heavy 'dum-dum', or the Alpha Trooper's satisfying 'poc' noise? :D I'll leave you Squaddies to think about it. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Collection


Hey everyone, so today i decided to rearrange and organise my collection of blasters. This collection has grown form a single Recon (Dark Grey paint) my girlfriend got my for my birthday in 2011. In a year and a half, we have really got quite a few great blasters.

Unfortunately i ran out of hooks, so for now the Elites sit on their pegboard on the floor til i aquire some more.

N-Strike                                                                      N-Strike Elite
Alpha Trooper x2   (OMW)                                       Firestrike (Orange Trigger)
Barrel Break                                                               Hail Fire (Orange Trigger)
Big Bad Bow (Dart Compatible)                               Jolt (Grey Trigger)
Barricade                                                                    Rampage (Grey Trigger)
Deploy                                                                        Retaliator (OMW Stage 1, Stage 2 Preorder)
Element                                                                      Roughcut 2x4 (Orange Trigger)
Firefly (OMW Spring)                                               Stockade (Orange Trigger)
Jolt x2                                                                         Stryfe (Orange Trigger)
Longshot (OMW Immortal)                                       Strongarm (OMW Preorder, Orange Trigger)
Longstrike (OMW)                                                     Triad (Orange Trigger)
Maverick x3
Nite Finder (OMW Spring)
Raider (OMW)
Rayven x2 (High Voltage)
Recon (OMW Massacre)
Recon (OMW Unleashed 1+2)
Reflex x2
Secret Shot
Spectre (OMW Spring)
Stampede x2 (OMW Springs, High Voltage)
Switch Shot
Unity Power System
Vulcan (OMW Spring, High Voltage)

Theres a pinpoint sight, and a fair few other accessories still to move, but il get around to it soon.
If you have any questons about the collection, or certain blasters, let me know!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hmm, mildly interesting...


Hey Squadies, while shopping at my local Toys r Us this morning, i noticed something strange.

20m boxed Strongarms and Firestrikes shared the shelves with 15m boxed versions, unfortunatley still with the grey trigger.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it simply a mispackaged shipment of these blasters, or is someone in the packaging and shipping department being nice to Aussie and other underpowered Nerfers. Let us know!

EDIT:  Sunday 14/4/13, found 20m boxed Rampages at a local Big W.