Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nerf MEGA Centurion: Pros and Cons


(Crispy) Hey Squaddies,

This will be a quick look into the first wave of Centurions sent by Hasbro to their various trusted bloggers.

I have really wanted to like this blaster from the moment we found out about it, and i guess part of me still does, but after seeing the internals, it kind of bums me out. First off is that it has a reverse plunger. While it is much bigger than the N-Strike plungers, it feels like a huge design flaw from the Hasbro developers.



In defence of the Reverse Plunger, I’m hoping there are clever things in there which made a more suitable candidate than a Direct Plunger. But as if a Reverse Plunger wasn’t bad enough, Hasbro engineers decided to do this…

That’s right, massive slits all the way through the plunger tube, rendering all but the last part essentially useless. This is obviously as a safety precaution, but it really seems like overkill.

Honestly, I hope for all our sake Hasbro sent Reverse Plunger prototypes to everyone to review, but will sell them with a Direct Plunger, but that's unlikely.

Apart from the fact that this beast doesn't make the 100ft distance printed on the box, the long prime will be a big issue for smaller users. Not to mention, the bipod mechanism is incredibly flimsy.

It wont be Modder's like myself who lose out purchasing this blaster, it is the general public. They make up a huge percentage of Nerf’s sales. Modder's will wait eagerly for a spring or a kit, or make one ourselves. I myself was all set to import from the US for the ranges, but after seeing firing demo’s and range tests, I'll be getting a local, cheaper one, and waiting for OMW or Xplorer to get this blaster to it’s full potential.

So all in all, i suppose this is more of a Con list, rather than Pro, but I am just gathering the first impressions for your considerations.

Any Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mini-Review: Nerf Elite Tactical Vest - Refined, Yet Lacking...

(Link) Hey guys! If you remember WAY back to August 2012, you would remember my review on the N-Strike Tactical Vest, one product that was high on my shopping priority list. Now, I have since gotten my hands on the Elite version of the vest. Just in-case you haven't read the original, here it is: A few pics to follow, highlighting the key features of the new, fancy vest. (Sorry in advance for the poor quality, I was in a rush.) :P

Basically the same vest, but with a few key differences. 
Clip and Dart Straps are now BLUE, to emphasize Elite colours.

I LIKE blue. :P

Elite badge is bigger than the original N-Strike badge. 

Done away with the funky holster, the replacement is a belt clip, and a strap located beneath it. The clip is designed to hook up the priming pull on the Firestrike for example, and the strap is to secure it in place, firmly.
Easy to tuck a Jolt into still, but a Triad JUST fits in there. :P
Also a major change is the replacement of zips with Velcro straps. These fit and hold very well, to my surprise. 
Nerf removed the sword holster from the rear. A sure sign that it wasn't used much on the original, due to the scarcity of N-Force here in Australia.
What's this? FACE OFF TIME!!!

(Where did YOU come from? :P)

N-Strike Clear Clips VS Elite Clips

So, would I recommend it? It's a tough ask, but if you missed out on the original, I'd still recommend the Elite version. Looks and feels comfortable, but has a few minor niggles, such as removing the holster. Overall, still a good buy for $30, on sale this week at Target.

Now, I'm very sorry for the long wait for the next video review, I should have the Strongarm review uploaded by the end of this week. Someone is celebrating his 20th B'day this week :P And also, Alex is promising new content soon. TTFN!

Basic Nerf - Elite Rapidstrike CS-18, Vortex Revonix 360 confirmed for Fall 2013 USA Release

(Link) Thanks to our great friend Jason at Basic Nerf, we've received some fancy new news about the Fall 2013 Trio from a pamphlet received in a press kit. Bet you're excited now, eh Jason? :D And just to recap, us Aussies will be expecting the Centurion and Revonix in October 2013, and the Rapidstrike about that time period too. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Quick Bunker Update. :)

(Link) Hey dudes, just thought I might pop up a quick update on what's going on at HQ.

1. Everybody's friend, Jack, has moved down to Hobart. Now, this means he won't be doing any video presentations with me for a while, BUT, if we're lucky, Alex and Jack will get together and do a special presentation. So keep an eye out for news on that.

2. Meanwhile, up at the North Bunker, I'm working on the Strongarm review, expect that up by next week sometime. :) And of course, it'll be shorter :P

Till then, save your cash for the Toy Sales! Link, signing out. :D