Sunday, May 11, 2014

[S.O.F.T] New Darts / Upcoming Guides

[Alex] Hey Squaddies! This is just a quick update on what's been happening with me:

Today I got my hands on some of the new Elite Suction Tip Darts. I've heard rave reviews about how much better they are than regular Elite "streamline" style darts.

After trying them out in a few different types of blasters, I have to say that the Elite Suctions do fly straighter and more reliably than the older Elite Streamlines. But due to the windy conditions I couldn't get a good gauge on range difference.

However, I also found that they didn't always like *some* of my modded blasters (Rayven, Brass Breech Longshot) but *loved* my Rough Cut, Sidestrike and Crossfire Bow (all of which were modded with 7kg OMW springs and reinforced).

I use Xplorer Xtips as my main modified dart, and that still seems to take the cake for my main modified blasters.

But overall, for un-modded or lightly modded blasters, the Elite Suctions do perform better than the Elite Streamlines. Only draw back is the price - can be a bit expensive trying to buy in bulk...

On that note, I'm awaiting some of these so-called "koosh" tipped darts (not made by Hasbro), and also get some Elite Suctions (that may NOT be genuine Hasbro ones), but will be interesting to compare quality / performance :P


In other news: I've got in the works a Rough Cut mod video on what I did to reinforce some key areas that are prone to breakage - stock or modified! (This pic below may make it a bit obvious though :P)

Also, Tom recently acquired a Zombie Strike Ripshot Vortex blaster for his birthday. He had some problems with it, so I gutted it, took out about 3 locks and a spring, and added a rubber band... why the rubber band you may ask? Well, the written / photo guide about it will be up in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! :D