Upcoming Releases

(Link) Here is the page for where we sum up the NEW incoming gear from Nerf. As soon as the news gets out, we'll add it to this page. Quite exciting when something new is announced. Please note that these dates are speculation only for Australian release only. :D

Updated 13/08/2013

(Please note that these release dates below are for the 'de-tuned' Australian versions of the Elite series, depicted by gray triggers. If you're after the more powerful USA versions, try eBay or Amazon.com, most unreleased Elite blasters are available now if you're impatient :P)

Nerf N-Strike Elite

Elite Rayven CS-18 - (Confirmed by Crispy, no domestic release planned)

Elite Spectre REV-5 - Available Now (Toy R Us in limited amounts) (Could someone give us an update on these?)

Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 - Available Now ($60 - $70)

Elite MEGA Centurion - Available Now ($60 - $70)

Elite MEGA Magnus - February 2014

'Whiteout' RoughCut 2x4 - Available Now

Elite Firefly Clip and Glow Darts - (unconfirmed)

Elite App Cradle - (rumored to be stocked at Toys R Us, in very limited quantities. If someone could provide us Intel, we'd appreciate it tremendously)


Vortex Revonix360 - Available Now (Target mainly, $60 - $70)


Hammershot - Available Now (Target-exclusive, $24)

Sledgefire - Available Now (Target-exclusive, $39-ish)

Crossfire Bow - Late February/Early March 2014 (BigW, Target)

Sidestrike - May 2014


Guardian Crossbow - Available Now (Target, BigW, $34+)

Heartbreaker Bow - Available Now (Target, $24+)

Sweet Revenge - Available Now (BigW, $24

Pink Crush - Available Now (Target, $9-15+)

Power Pair - Available Now (Toyworld, BigW, $10+)

Thanks to the blokes from Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ) and Southern Brisbane Nerf Club for providing us this info.

If you're after a blaster and don't know which store to find it in, we recommend paying a visit to Outback Nerf's Shopping List. Link here.


  1. WHAT?!!!!? So everything is coming to Aus in September? Damn you Hasbro.
    Thanks S.O.F.T. Never knew about when the new blasters would come to Aus.
    Stockade's coming here in December?
    I thought Nerf said it comes to us first. :(

    1. [Alex] I believe the Stockade came out to the UK even before the US ... Australia is *almost* always the last (and takes the longest) to get anything Nerf related :(

    2. then what about the release date of the Zombiestrike Sledgefire and the rest of the line and their price do you have any info on that?

  2. If I might not be able to purchase the Pyragon, I'll purchase the Buzz Bee Rangemaster.
    Any idea when that will come to Aus?

  3. Also the Pyragon,Snapfire 8 are in stores!!! YES!!!!!~! :DDDD
    But Pyragons are wayyyy overpriced. $90 at Myer. $50 at Kmart.

  4. errr u missed a few the ruff cut (elite barrel break)
    strife (elite snapfire 8 style gun)

  5. the 12 packs of Elite darts are at Toys R Us for about $9

  6. Just checked with four different Toys'R'Us stores about the Spectre, had four completely different answers about availability:
    1) They have it listed as "Open Order", meaning they expect it in the next fortnight or so.
    2) It's listed as being in their warehouse in August, so stores get it late August.
    3) It'll be in store Sep-Oct.
    4) They don't have it now, and never have any information on when they're getting new stock.

    So… I think Toys'R'Us need to restock the monkeys they're using as staff…

  7. I haven't seen the stryfe in K-Mart Australia yet. :(

    1. Picked up a second one last week. Gotta say that I think the Stryfe is just about the best available blaster at the moment! Can fire faster than the Rapidstrike, and nice and cheap! Pity they don't do a bundle with a couple of 18-dart magazines like they did with the Retaliator, would make a lot more sense to do.

    2. Yeah, I actually got it a few days ago. Since they are in stores now. Its great!

  8. Just as a point of interest, the Rapidstrike is now selling on Amazon! Should have one in my hands in a couple of weeks ��

    1. Got mine Monday, working on a review as we speak.

  9. Got a Spectre waiting for me to pick up at Toys'R'Us Chadstone, finally!

  10. Was abe to get my Spectre from Chadstone, but they had none up on the shelves (only got mine through lots of talking to staff). Wonder if Hasbro have put them on hold due to some design issues? Not too happy with the build quality on mine (wobbly barrel extension, very finicky reloading, intermittent dart firing failures).

  11. revonix - around $70
    blue barrel break - $30
    elite app cradle - TRU, $25
    elite 18 clip - tru, bigw $13-20
    elite spectre - $40

  12. ya know i never worry about the blasters being "de-tuned" i jsut mod the fuckers up the balls anyway XD

  13. Will we get the elite firefly TECH!!??

    1. Same here, wanting the elite firefly tech, it's better than the original!