Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Elite MEGA Centurion. Say hello to my new best friend. Plus, some S.O.F.T. maths.

The newest, biggest bad boy on the block. And I LOVE it. :D
360 view of the Centurion, thanks to Jason @ Basic Nerf.
It's big, it's bad, it's red, and it's 100% REAL. :P After a few months of speculation from a few leaked photos on the Chinese version of eBay, Baidu, and a few firing videos from Tony Stark himself, Nerf made the announcement on their Facebook page today that the Centurion is REAL. WooHoo! :D Now, onto the details they've been leaking out through their comments, thanks to our fellow blogs My Last Dart and Basic Nerf for picking these tidbits up, and from the Pop Science article as well. :D

Before we launch into the facts, I believe I haven't voiced my opinion on the Centurion yet. Well, I gotta say this. 'It's the TRUE successor to the Longshot/Longstrike. Nuff said.' That should be enough. :D

- $49.99 MSRP, Fall Release Date (via Pop Science article)

So, that's about roughly $50 - $60 bucks for us Aussies (remember how much the Longshot cost when it first came out?) and to re-confirm, our release date for the Centurion is October 2013, thanks to our contacts at Hasbro Australia and to the Canberra DT crew. So, it's NOT going to be the major 9/9 release, which leaves the door wide open for the Rapidstrike, or a TOTALLY new blaster. Oooo, exciting. :D

- “Nathaniel and Chuck, the Centurion blasts up to 100ft in the US and Canada and up to 23m in most other countries. You’ll definitely be blasting farther than ever before.”

So, this means for us Aussies, the Centurion will achieve SLIGHTLY better ranges than our  'de-tuned' Elite blasters. This is properly due to the Mega Dart.

- “Daniel, extra MEGA darts will be available for purchase separately!”

Great move, I think we might need them. :P This begs the question however, will there be any add-ons/mission kits for the MEGA series? It could use a scope. And not a useless one please! :D And some additional clips would be welcome too.

The Centurion is the first in a new line of Nerf guns that use MEGA darts. The darts are about twice the size of typical Nerf darts, which engineers say helps them get the momentum they need to fly further. The also whistle, an oddly satisfying addition to long-range shootouts.

To get the velocity necessary (nearly 55 mph) to catapult ammo one-third of a football field, the designers had to super-size the typical Nerf launch mechanism. With a dart-filled magazine in place, you pull back on a loading handle to allow the top dart to pop into the firing chamber. Pushing the same handle forward sets the firing mechanism in place, and pulling the trigger releases a spring-loaded piston that launches the dart.

I know what you might be thinking. 'ANOTHER AMMO TYPE?' But do remember, it was US that requested/moaned to Nerf :P to make our blasters way more powerful and less sluggish. And if they want to experiment with new methods, I'm all for it. Doesn't the old saying go, 'The Bigger, The Better?'

As for the gun itself, we’ll be blunt: this thing is freaking huge. It spans 40.7 inches from nose to heel, and at least 2/3 of that length is barrel. As with any gun, the longer the barrel, the straighter – and hopefully the farther – shots will soar.

I'm six foot, five inches in height, so if that's anything to go by, that's about as long as one of my legs. Loving that idea! Or it just reminds me I'm tall. :P

And our friend Ash from MLD has teased of potential 'brothers and sisters' in the MEGA line, so there's a chance MORE blasters will be announced soon. Now, time for some S.O.F.T. maths. :D


Pic thanks to UT :D




(ahem, calming down... :P) Now, what's YOUR opinion on the Centurion Squaddies? Will you be picking one, or two up? Sound off below. 

Till next time Squaddies, keep on Nerfing!

Battle of The Blasters 2013: Round 3

Hey fans, time for another round of Battle of Blasters 2013! :D :P The Spectre NARROWLY bested the Maverick in Round 2, but you were all eager to show your respect for the Maverick (Which is understandable :P). So, Pyragon and Spectre are our victors thus far. 

This is how it works. Every fortnight, I'll post up a picture of two blasters, and YOU (yes, you) "have the power" to vote (by blog comment, FB comment or e-mail :P) for which blaster that YOU (one vote each please, please provide YOUR thoughts also) think is the best out of the two. By the end of mid-2013-ish, Alex and I will declare the Squaddie's favourite blaster, OF ALL TIME!!! Then I will build a special podium for the victor in the S.O.F.T. bunker, as a way of symbolizing eternal AWESOMENESS. After all, that's what we all strive towards.

This round, it's all about the 'Speeds' of the Dart Tag range, Speedload 6 and the Speedswarm. Ooo, toughie. Cast your vote, mates! :D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The S.O.F.T. Show - Elite Firestrike Review

(Link) Hey Squaddies, sorry for the slight delay, but here she is, Jack and I take a look at the Firestrike. Please note, might be a bit long-winded, but he took control. :P


(Link) Ooooo, official news, eh? Nerf's Facebook page HAS been falling a bit slack lately, so what do they need? A teaser pic to get us all excited again, of course :P Details below:

"We've got big blaster news coming soon and we need this much space to reveal it! Who's pumped?"
Now, this picture can represent TWO unofficial Nerf products:

1. The MEGA series and the Centurion. (Most likely, in my opinion)
2. The ZombieStrike series and the Hammershot.

But it has been spotted by our great friend Ash from MLD (My Last Dart) that there's one NEW blaster we don't know about. One called, the 'Javelin'. Now, this name HAS popped up before (from what I've seen) so, we're just gonna have to wait and see.

Oh, and I've updated the Upcoming Releases page. THANK YOU to whoever decided to send the Elite Tact. Vest and Bandolier Down Under, one VERY happy fan here. :D

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 - Thrice the Bite

(Link) Let's start off the review with a flashback. (Cue awesome music :P) Looking back at the Jolt, it was such a fun, fresh new spin on the worn-out Single Shot concept. Tiny, yet it made a big impact in the SOFT bunker. But the next generation has arrived, and Triad EX-3. Can it knock off the Jolt as the new S.S of choice, or is it in a league all of its own?

Let's start off with the basics. The Triad is the Elite re-imagining of the Jolt, with a few aesthetic and function changes. The Triad's functionality is still the same, but now sports three dart barrels and an interesting little dart tube mech, of which I'll touch more on later. 


It's quite the simple packaging with the Triad, the plastic packaging highlighting all features of the blaster. So tiny, you can fit a multitude of these on a shelf :P Contents are as simple as pie, the Triad unit and three Elite darts. Simplicity at best. 

Boasting the same design as the Jolt (roughly) the Triad boasts its predecessors key features (priming handle, trigger area and hand grip) except, the Triad boasts two additional dart barrels on top of the original barrel. These additions bring the total dart capacity (when fully loaded) to three. 

Do these barrels exempt the Triad as a 'Single-Shot'? I'll leave it to you to decide.

In my honest opinion, the two new barrels make the Triad a little bit too big and bulky. This is a blaster that was born for compact quick-draws from pockets. The top barrels add bulk, therefore making the Triad a bit tight in pockets. Quite unfortunate, given its purpose.

But in order to evolve, you need to grow. :D

The Triad has this covered in spades. Size issues aside,  the blaster actually looks pretty good in hand, and quite solid. It reminds me a lot of tiny silencer pistols, quiet and small, like its predecessor. 

(Since this my first Elite review, the following applies in general to the Elite line) The Blue/White paintjob of the Elite updates the original orange, while the digital camo returns. 

I'll say this now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue/white scheme, Blue just looks SO much more pleasing and defined, and this scheme hits the sweet spot of new and fresh. Plus, I like blue in general.

One thing I don't get though is why Nerf opted to keep the ye 'ol number code for the Triad. It kinda looks out of place. But, who am I to complain? :P

In terms of function, the Triad feels and works in the same way as the Jolt and other Nerf Single Shots. Load three Elite darts into their corresponding barrels, pull down on the orange priming handle until 'clicks' (very satisfying too :D) then press on the trigger. Single (or Triple :P) shots have always been about simplicity, and with this case it's no different. 

However, with the addition of two barrels, those clever designers at Hasbro created a way of dart recognition. So long as you have one dart loaded in any barrel (and primed) the Triad always fires. It's a great idea, ensuring a shot with every reload. (Our friends at AFON explains their theory of how this system works, link here:

The feel of the Triad has changed slightly due to the new barrels & larger casing to house the upgraded internals. If you read my Jolt review (link here) I had a small niggle with the handle's finger grip, it's the same case here. Also, the area up top where the lower barrel begins digs a little too. Or maybe I just have big hands. :P

:) Since I loved the Jolt, I had high expectations for the Triad.

:) After firing a few rounds, I mucked around with the dart sensor mech, kept me entertained for ages.

:D I love the 'POC' it makes when firing.

:D Priming handle is easier to prime than the Jolt (this might differ between models)


Triads are available at Kmart nation-wide for eight bucks. Quite the bargain, and perfect for the beginning Nerfer or our younger Nerfers.


+ An excellent beginning sidearm
+ Great, consistent distance
+ Features a sweet little mechanism
+ An AWESOME price
- Slightly uncomfortable

Contents/Accessories: N/A
Aesthetics: 4/5 Darts
Functionality: 4.5/5 Darts
Coolness: 4/5 Darts
Price: An easy 5/5 Darts

S.O.F.T.'s Official Rating: 4.1/5 Darts

Overall, the Triad is a worthy successor to the Jolt, and an excellent choice for casual office/indoor battles.

Now, was that a great review, or what? Told you I got my act together :D

And now, for some size comparisons. :D

Current projects? More Jack, and a new intro! Quite exciting, and I've started a new job, so things are well for me atm. :D Take care, till the next post!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

N-Strike Switch Shot

 (Crispy) Hey everybody,

I've decided to go ahead with my review of the Nerf/Wii Switch Shot while i impatiently await the arrival of my EAT.
I have spoken to the seller and am expecting some pinpoint sights as a form of compensation.

 I managed to find a NISB Switch Shot after keeping an eye on eBay for months, and as you can see from the above picture, they really make it obvious
that this blaster is for Wii. It in theory it's a great idea, bundle a sub-par video game with a cool blaster, and it will sell. The other bonus is that as a Wii remote is standard, it will work for any Wii shooter. I have played both games on the Wii with this, and they are both pretty average.
This review will focus on the blaster element, let me know if you want a serve of the Wii remote side of things.

Dart blaster option is far superior to Wii blaster
 On the back we have the usual for Nerf, along with more Wii and EA Games endorsement. As usual there is the 'Fires up to 35 feet/11 metres', and when i actually did a test firing, 7 out of 10 shots went closer to 14 metres, with virtually no angle. I'm looking forward to throwing a 6kg spring in here just to see what damage can be done.

Cable Tie fixing, rather than Elite cardboard wrap.

 The build quality of the Switch Shot is actually quite good, there are no creaks, its feels solid in your grip, and is about af powerful as it's cousin the Nite Finder.
But the major flaw, which still seems to be around is a bottom tac rail that is too small to be useful with most attachments (think Hail-Fire).
It's also running the standard 3 dart capacity, which is disappointing, but a well placed shot from this will thankfully only cost you 1.

With plunger tube housing.

And without, the Wii Remote fits perfectly in place.

Overall, this is a pretty fun little blaster and will be a faithful sidearm, but outclassed by the Maverick and Spectre. And outclassed by the entire Elite line.
The only real let downs are dart capacity and tac-rail, and limited availability in Australia, it isn't worth the shipping costs (Mine was shipped free!).
For these reasons, i score the Switch Shot a 6.5 darts out of 10, only worth getting if you need a complete N-Strike set, like myself.

Hope you all enjoy the review, and keep on Nerfin'.


A Quick Bunker Update

(Link) Hey friends, I have excellent news! Since the overlords of the house (Mum and Dad) are on holiday, I've got the house to myself, so I can try out a few things I wasn't allowed to before. :) Chaos will ensure. XD

Also, the bunker recently welcomed the Retaliator (or Tali for short, I like it) and the Rampage. Expect my thoughts on them soon, plus a new written review format. And a few friends might pop into the bunker, so stay tuned. :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

News: Quick Update and the BB has arrived!

(Link) Hey chums, just a quick update on the 'About S.O.F.T.' page, the 'About Crispy' is there for you to read.

Also, I have gotten word that the re-painted Barrel Break has started hitting Toys R Us stores Aussie-wide, so keep an eye out for them. :D