Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 - Thrice the Bite

(Link) Let's start off the review with a flashback. (Cue awesome music :P) Looking back at the Jolt, it was such a fun, fresh new spin on the worn-out Single Shot concept. Tiny, yet it made a big impact in the SOFT bunker. But the next generation has arrived, and Triad EX-3. Can it knock off the Jolt as the new S.S of choice, or is it in a league all of its own?

Let's start off with the basics. The Triad is the Elite re-imagining of the Jolt, with a few aesthetic and function changes. The Triad's functionality is still the same, but now sports three dart barrels and an interesting little dart tube mech, of which I'll touch more on later. 


It's quite the simple packaging with the Triad, the plastic packaging highlighting all features of the blaster. So tiny, you can fit a multitude of these on a shelf :P Contents are as simple as pie, the Triad unit and three Elite darts. Simplicity at best. 

Boasting the same design as the Jolt (roughly) the Triad boasts its predecessors key features (priming handle, trigger area and hand grip) except, the Triad boasts two additional dart barrels on top of the original barrel. These additions bring the total dart capacity (when fully loaded) to three. 

Do these barrels exempt the Triad as a 'Single-Shot'? I'll leave it to you to decide.

In my honest opinion, the two new barrels make the Triad a little bit too big and bulky. This is a blaster that was born for compact quick-draws from pockets. The top barrels add bulk, therefore making the Triad a bit tight in pockets. Quite unfortunate, given its purpose.

But in order to evolve, you need to grow. :D

The Triad has this covered in spades. Size issues aside,  the blaster actually looks pretty good in hand, and quite solid. It reminds me a lot of tiny silencer pistols, quiet and small, like its predecessor. 

(Since this my first Elite review, the following applies in general to the Elite line) The Blue/White paintjob of the Elite updates the original orange, while the digital camo returns. 

I'll say this now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue/white scheme, Blue just looks SO much more pleasing and defined, and this scheme hits the sweet spot of new and fresh. Plus, I like blue in general.

One thing I don't get though is why Nerf opted to keep the ye 'ol number code for the Triad. It kinda looks out of place. But, who am I to complain? :P

In terms of function, the Triad feels and works in the same way as the Jolt and other Nerf Single Shots. Load three Elite darts into their corresponding barrels, pull down on the orange priming handle until 'clicks' (very satisfying too :D) then press on the trigger. Single (or Triple :P) shots have always been about simplicity, and with this case it's no different. 

However, with the addition of two barrels, those clever designers at Hasbro created a way of dart recognition. So long as you have one dart loaded in any barrel (and primed) the Triad always fires. It's a great idea, ensuring a shot with every reload. (Our friends at AFON explains their theory of how this system works, link here:

The feel of the Triad has changed slightly due to the new barrels & larger casing to house the upgraded internals. If you read my Jolt review (link here) I had a small niggle with the handle's finger grip, it's the same case here. Also, the area up top where the lower barrel begins digs a little too. Or maybe I just have big hands. :P

:) Since I loved the Jolt, I had high expectations for the Triad.

:) After firing a few rounds, I mucked around with the dart sensor mech, kept me entertained for ages.

:D I love the 'POC' it makes when firing.

:D Priming handle is easier to prime than the Jolt (this might differ between models)


Triads are available at Kmart nation-wide for eight bucks. Quite the bargain, and perfect for the beginning Nerfer or our younger Nerfers.


+ An excellent beginning sidearm
+ Great, consistent distance
+ Features a sweet little mechanism
+ An AWESOME price
- Slightly uncomfortable

Contents/Accessories: N/A
Aesthetics: 4/5 Darts
Functionality: 4.5/5 Darts
Coolness: 4/5 Darts
Price: An easy 5/5 Darts

S.O.F.T.'s Official Rating: 4.1/5 Darts

Overall, the Triad is a worthy successor to the Jolt, and an excellent choice for casual office/indoor battles.

Now, was that a great review, or what? Told you I got my act together :D

And now, for some size comparisons. :D

Current projects? More Jack, and a new intro! Quite exciting, and I've started a new job, so things are well for me atm. :D Take care, till the next post!


  1. VERY good informative and funky - great job fellas :)

  2. Great review, I might have to buy one now. Will it fit inside my jacket pocket?