S.O.F.T. Affiliates

(Link) Before the idea came to me to create this humble, brand-spanking new blog before you, I spent heaps of times browsing the net for the best info on Nerf blasters I could find. Now, we are proud to announce that we are on the hunt for affiliates, and we'd be glad to have you onboard. If you have a blog and would like to become best pals in Nerf, why not join the family?

Just e-mail Mr1835Link at the following address: 1835link@gmail.com with your request, and your reasons why you would like to join.

Please note that we do look through ALL requests, Zandor and I will personally have a look at your blog before we confirm that you're in :D If it hits the mark with:

- Originality (it's your own work, no copying work from other hard-working blogs)
- Uniqueness (something that offers a new perspective, for example, we focus on the COOLNESS aspect and practical uses)
- And of course, a love for Nerf and other foam dart blasters, you're in. :D

Below is a current list of S.O.F.T.'s affiliates in alphabetical order. Alex and I are proud to have them :D

Adult Fans of Nerf (AFON)

"From a secret bunker somewhere in the Mid-West..." That should become a song.
Say hello to Mr K and Mr S, two of the most dedicated Nerf fans you'll find on the net. Those two cool dudes specialize in the history of Nerf, and from the humble beginnings to the latest of the Elite, they've got you covered if you want to explore into the long history of Nerf. Their regular shows on YouTube are some of the finest quality, they're officially recognized by Nerf and they are happy to answer any questions you may have. Hit them up for a chat!


One of our greatest friends Qi (AwesomeNerfer1999) resides in Singapore, which is a hot spot for new blaster arrivals. So it makes a LOT of sense, we were excited when he asked to become an affiliate. His blog is of a very good quality, and writes his own reviews. He is a stock Nerfer (like us) and has a pretty impressive arsenal of his own. :D His site is gaining massive traffic, so we highly recommend a visit. :D And also, he's been tinkering in a bit of modding too, on a companion blog. http://awesomelyfoammods.wordpress.com/affiliates/ Have a look. :D

Basic Nerf:

Jason and the team from Basic Nerf were our first affiliates EVER, and we are pleased as foam to have them. The Basic Nerf blog looks damn pretty, and his write-ups are VERY clean and detailed. His blog is even recognized by Hasbro itself! He is also a regular participant in HvZ wars (something we have NEVER tried :( …yet) and obviously, a dedicated fan of Nerf. Massive fan of his work and videos :D

Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ)

Our first Facebook affiliate, Uncle Neil (still running the team, in my eyes) and the team from Canberra do an excellent job of organizing local HvZ and Melee matches for the entire community to enjoy, with over a thousand members! One of the best resources available for news in the Australian Nerfing community, I've been a loyal member of this site for who knows how long :P If you call yourself an Australian Nerfer, you must pay a visit to this page at least once.

Foam From Above (F2A)

One of the biggest names in Nerf blogging, Vas from F2A is officially recognized by Nerf, and your No.1 source for exclusive coverage of all those fancy launch parties and news. :P When he has time from his busy life, he also does mini-reviews as well. :D

HvZAuburn and Shining Foam:

A YouTube channel (or YouNERF channel :P) Michael and the team from HvZAuburn make some really high-quality videos of Human VS Zombies matches, a game usually played with Nerf blasters. He also makes video reviews and popular Nerf blaster unboxing videos, and is a friend of Jason and Basic Nerf. Highly recommended to take a look. :)

Shining Foam is HvZAuburn's main blog. It is looking pretty promising thus far, and has loads of tip and tricks to practise if you're an avid HvZ participant, and has a streak of getting brand new information on upcoming releases. Highly recommended having a look. :D


Our new friend Ash hails from the Land of The Butlers (also known as Poms to us Aussies), is 33 and a 'Nerf-a-holic'. His blog might be all-new, fancy and un-experienced, but in a VERY short time, thanks to his excellent news stories, he is lapping up the hits. :P it's a great site to visit if you need a bit of British Nerfy news. Good luck buddy! :D

Outback Nerf:

Outback Nerf (formally known as Nerf Blaster And Accessories) hails from Australia (epic win!) and his blog is home to some of the best Nerfing tips I have read. I found his blog one day while I was bored in class, and his posts make for an excellent read. :) His site is also home to an excellent Nerf 'Shopping List', of where you find where to buy the blaster you most want, from which retail store. Excellent service to the Aussie community, mate :D


RandomShadow09 is a YouTube user, famous for his range tests. Need to check out some range tests,just to make sure the blaster you want to buy gets the range it's advertised? Then check out it NOW.

Riverina Dart Tag & Wagga Foam Warz

Another Facebook Community Page, Goldie and the team from RDT are similar to the blokes from Canberra (organizes local gatherings and an awesome community), except they are based in New South Wales. I think we've got all parts of Australia covered, fellas.
And also, please check out Wagga Foam Warz as well. :D

SG Nerf

SG Nerf is one of the best blogs out there for photos. He gives a basic overview of the blaster specs, and then leaves the photos to do the talking. Also, he manages a WHOLE community of blogs, such as SG Super Soaker. If you're after pretty pictures, he is your man. :D

Slydev 3D Store

Australian? Check. Sells custom-made Nerf accessories? Check. Ships anywhere? Check. Lots of awesome colours and gear? Deal. An Australian store, using a fancy 3D Printer, he makes his own Nerf accessories to outfit your rig with. Have a look, I think you'll be impressed. :D

Tactical Tag

Mike from Tactical Tag specializes in modding Nerf and Laser Tag blasters/guns for his own 'devious' purposes. :P A great bloke for a chat, he is also one of the lead writers for Nerf Mods and Reviews and does his own short video reviews too. Check him out! :D

Urban Taggers

I think nothing really needs to be said here. EVERYONE knows Pocket and UT, right? Urban Taggers is one (if not, THE) of the most popular Nerfing blog out there. And a bonus, he is Australian too. Urban Taggers is popular because his 'highly secret' contacts allow him access to new blasters, before they've even released. His rants on the Australian Nerfing view/situations are popular, and writes excellent reviews. Sadly, this legend of the NIC has retired, but left the legacy online for all to read.