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(Link) Well, got a question on your mind? Perhaps a suggestion? We're happy to read anything (within good, clean reason) and find an answer or suggestion to you. You can contact us through these pages: S.O.F.T.'s main blog, the flagship, the BIG DADDY. :P This is where the vast majority of our content goes live. You can leave us comments on our posts through the text box on the bottom of each post. We'll try to reply to every question, and we'll look forward to your posts.

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  1. I think I speak for everyone who has ever existed when I say that the REVONIX 360 IS THE BEST NERF BLASTER THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that could possibly make this blaster better is if there was some kind of switch that could be flipped on the fly that would change the direction that the disc spins when it's fired. I'm sure that's not something I could do myself, but is it even something that Nerf could do if they wanted to??????