Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Battle of The Blasters 2013: Round 3

Hey fans, time for another round of Battle of Blasters 2013! :D :P The Spectre NARROWLY bested the Maverick in Round 2, but you were all eager to show your respect for the Maverick (Which is understandable :P). So, Pyragon and Spectre are our victors thus far. 

This is how it works. Every fortnight, I'll post up a picture of two blasters, and YOU (yes, you) "have the power" to vote (by blog comment, FB comment or e-mail :P) for which blaster that YOU (one vote each please, please provide YOUR thoughts also) think is the best out of the two. By the end of mid-2013-ish, Alex and I will declare the Squaddie's favourite blaster, OF ALL TIME!!! Then I will build a special podium for the victor in the S.O.F.T. bunker, as a way of symbolizing eternal AWESOMENESS. After all, that's what we all strive towards.

This round, it's all about the 'Speeds' of the Dart Tag range, Speedload 6 and the Speedswarm. Ooo, toughie. Cast your vote, mates! :D

1 comment:

  1. Good question. A quick comparison of the two blasters:
    Speedswarm has 10 dart capacity comparded to Speedload's 6 dart capacity but Speedswarm has low rate of fire, while Speedload has slam-fire but with jamming issues like the Quick 16. Both also have similar range and accuracy.

    In the end I would choose Speedload 6 because it's a manual-primed blaster, and I like manual-primed blasters. It's reload-on-the-go slot also has won me over.

    Sorry if you get confused with all the "Speed" mentions. :P