Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rumors: The Elite Rapidstrike, My Thoughts

SG Nerf: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 - Blaster Ph...: Blaster photos of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 have been posted up by Rabysong on Baidu... Photo Credits: Rab...

PLEASE NOTE: These aren't my photos, via SGNerf via Baidu user Rabysong. I'm just offering my opinion on this blaster, surely that's not against the law? :P

Via SGNerf :D

(Link) So... We have a NEW blaster on the horizon, the Elite Rapidstrike. Since we probably won't be seeing this blaster turn up on local shelves soon, it's at least time I offered my thoughts, and do a quick round up of the facts we know thus far.
Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

- At first glance, reminiscent of a Stampede (Elite Stampede we've all been hoping for?) but has a few changes.
- No longer features a Full-Auto Direct Plunger system (of which I was slightly disappointed with) but is vertically flywheel driven, which seems to be current trend these days. :P
- However, this is set to be the first FULL-AUTO (WooHoo :D) flywheel blaster, similar in operation to the Vortex Nitron. (Rev her up, and let the darts fly! :P)
- From a firing video from the same user, it confirms the R.S. is full-auto, and fires at a rate of three darts per second (slightly faster than the Stampede, from my tests, or maybe because my Stampede's old? :P)
- Features a crystal (you wish :P) 18-dart clear clip for easy ammo-checking, a flip-up sight, and an extending stock. Slightly smaller than the original too.
- Five Tact. Rails (especially underneath the barrel, where you can pop the Retailator's grip for a true SMG look)
- Needs 4 'C' batteries to operate, held underneath the front barrel. 

Well, first things first. It does look pretty TUFF and beefy, for such a small blaster. Clearly, the R.S. was inspired by the NIC, from modded and stripped Stampedes. Looks something like a Pulse Rifle from a video game :P (Like the Stampede reminds me of the Typhoon from Mass Effect 3). One thing that bothers me is the orange strip, why isn't it white? :P However, It does look very promising though, maybe Nerf's big 9/9/13 blaster?

Time will tell to see if the R.S. will be a worthy addition to the Elite line. Anyway, sound off below if you'll be adding one to your arsenal. :)

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  1. It looks an awful lot like the Battle Rifle from the latter-day Halo games IMO