Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dart Tag Official Competitor's Jersey - A Photo Essay. :P

(Link) Since my trip to Melbourne, I've had a chance to properly examine a product that highly held onto my 'intriguing section' of my brain :P which is the DT Jerseys. You may have noticed in Nerf's official ad's that the competitors (or actors, for all I know, they might not have never touched a football :P) and I've landed my hands on both styles, Blue/Black and Orange/Black, to compare and examine. Rather than me do all the work, I think I'll let the photos do the talking. :D (Don't worry, I'll add comments.)

Packaging is plain and simple, just a few wires attaching the 'holy grail' to the packaging. :P

The shirts themselves CERTAINLY look the part. When I slapped on my blue jersey for the first time, I felt... AWESOME. They make you feel and look like a real DT player. And, if I was brave enough, I'd walk into a store, and someone will say: 'Do you work for Nerf?' :P

I think we all know the purpose of the shirts. See the dark black areas, shaped like hexagons? These 'patches' are designed for velcro for the DT darts to 'attach' to, as a scoring system for DT matches. These work brilliantly, as they won't come off without a good, hard yank. :P

I think Blue looks fetching, don't you? :P

The orange though, still looks pretty spectacular. :)
The shirts, themselves are very comfortable to wear. Ventilation is included under both armpit area and down the sides to increase airflow, which is great in my opinion. :) Some of our bigger members might have a little trouble squeezing into one though (I have them both in Extra Large, and they fit me just fine. My little brother's friend though, that's a different story. :P)

Just a colour comparison for you guys. :D

Both styles, I found at Highpoint Melbourne Shopping Centre - Big W for $20 each. Not bad for a awesome shirt :D

Which team will you pick? :P

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