Wednesday, September 12, 2012

News Update: Pyragon Review and a News Segment? :D

(Link) Hey Squaddies, thought I'd update you on our current goings-on at the S.O.F.T. HQ. 

First up: Alex and I both have gotten our hands on the newly released Vortex Pyragon. And I've gotta say, it is a BEAST of a blaster. Now, since I am in love with it so much, I thought I'd try a Video Review. Yes, soon enough, you'll see S.O.F.T.'s chief in the flesh. :P And, it was suggested on our FB page, that I try to set a new Slam-Fire record, emptying all 40 rounds as quick as possible.. With that, I am happy to oblige. That review, is coming soon sometime next week.

Also, I was thinking, why not do a fortnightly or monthly (?) news segment? (Similar to what our friends at AFON, Mr K and Mr S do.) Since there is so much Elite news coming out, I'd thought we'd wrap all of the news into one hit, easy to find. If Alex likes this idea, we'll find a way for both of us to present the news in the same video, since we reside at the north and south ends of this island :P The wonders of technology will allow this, I hope :D

So if you like this idea of a news segment, let us know!

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