Thursday, July 4, 2013

Battle of The Blasters 2013: Round 4

(Link) Seems like you guys weren't keen on voting for either the Speedload 6 or Speedswarm. :( But thanks to any ONE vote, the Speedload 6 took out Round 3. Come on guys, I expected better! :P Anyway, time for the next round! 

That's right, it is the Firestrike VS Triad. Oh, a tricky one? :O Think hard, and vote for your favourite, either by commenting below or Facebook. :D

So far, our victors are:
1: Vortex Pyragon
2: N-Strike Spectre REV-5
3: Dart Tag Speedload 6


  1. Yeah, very tricky.

    The Firestrike is a beautiful little blaster, but it can't match the Triad for speed.

    For looks, Firestrike wins, performance based though, the Triad will win any day.

  2. Extremely difficult indeed.
    Firestrike wins in power I think. Not certain on the plunger dimensions, but I can say for sure that my Firestrike outranges my Triad.
    The fact remains though that the Triad is smaller, and can fire 3 darts consecutively without reloading.
    The ability to fire 3 shots consecutively gives the Triad a huge advantage over the Firestrike, so on that basis I give my vote to the Triad.

  3. Very hard to choose indeed.

    Firestrike IMO is better for long-range potshots, as its plunger is larger than a Triad's
    But since I own a Triad I feel it's the better blaster as it gets decent range (for a grey-trigger Elite) and can fire 3 shots very, very quickly in terms of single shots' ROF.