Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Pinpoint Sight - A PROPER accessory. :D

(Link) Hey guys! Hope this post is finding all my Squadron friends alive and well. Now, we all know about the history of the Nerf Pinpoint Sight, right?

The Nerf Pinpoint Sight (PPS) has a pretty illusive history. Resembling an SMG Scope, it has been praised by the NIC as being one the most 'useful' 'first-party' Tact. Rail attachments Nerf has ever produced, and demand has been high for this sight ever since it has been released under the N-Strike brand several years ago. But, it has remained under our radar for many a year, having never being bundled with a main blaster, only being released under a Mission Kit in the yellow N-Strike era, which was pretty rare to find. And of course, if you're a mad collector like me, you'll try anything to get one :P 

It HAS been announced that the PPS will be seeing an Elite 'remake/paintjob' and will be offered as a bonus at Australian stores later this year. Now, this news is rather exciting! A few of my friends from the mainland received 'Elitetified' PPS's as a bonus for being awesome :D

I received an EPPS, by luck or by chance (in this world, it is the people you know :P) a PPS from the one and only Uncle Neil of Canberra DT group fame, and when I picked up the package from the mailbox, I was SO ecstatic. I swear, my face was like this:

Uncle Neil, if I ever make it over to a Canberra event, I am gonna shake you by the hand. :D Now, I think we all know what comes next. REVIEW TIME! :D (Pic spam detected) 

The Elite PPS comes in a rather small box, with minimal box art.
Fun Fact: It is the same box art from the yellow N-Strike era. :P
Instructions... Always useful. :D
Now, has anyone TRIED using the EPPS on the Hail-Fire? No?
Good job, you get one Gold Star :P
Is that a blue Maverick? Well, that's just lazy. :P
What you get in the box is rather small, just the holy grail and instructions
 Even the instructions are simple :P But it gets the job done. 
The EPPS styling is VERY similar to an SMG Scope,
something you would find out of Call of Duty or Mass Effect.

I'll let the pics do the talking. :D

Not bad, eh? It is pretty sweet. :)

The crosshairs. Sources say the pane is on
more of a slight angle than the original, but I couldn't confirm this.
The light is a bit tiny if you ask me, it IS just a small LED. But it does get the job done :D

If you're not sure how the EPPS works, turn the light on, and attach to a blaster. The goal is to line up the light, the center of the crosshairs and your target in one straight line. I'll demonstrate this in an upcoming vid.
It is actually pretty accurate, with only a few darts going off-course due to the individual nature of each dart and blaster I've tested the EPPS with.
Requires 2x AAA batteries to operate, friends.
Mounted on top of a Strongarm. Line up the target and BAM!
Mounted on a Retaliator, it is a bit of a design flaw while priming,
but it DOES add to the feel and 'RIFLE' aspect.

The config of DREAMS. Ever since the yellow N-Strike days,
people have been begging Nerf for PPS's JUST for this config. :D

Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (Omega Trooper CS-25) + EPPS + Retali Stock + Rampage 25-dart drum = EPICNESS.

FPS view. The PPS does add to the blasters,
looking down the scope taking aim is VERY cool. :D

So, what do I think? It's a good buy, especially if you like customizing your blaster and collecting Nerf. If you ever find one going for cheap, grab it. :D Plus, there is that sense that you own one, one of the rarest items in Nerf history. :D

Now, the exact details for the upcoming Australian store deal for the EPPS haven't been confirmed yet, but as soon as we have some solid intel, we'll post it up on the blog. Till next time, Squaddies! :D

I swear, Uncle Neil is a Nerf saint :D