Thursday, November 21, 2013

LaserGnomes 3D Printed MasterStrike Parts Review


Hey everyone sorry for being so absent lately, things have been pretty crazy for me lately.

If you remember, in my Rapidstrike review i mentioned i was awaiting printed parts for a MasterStrike from LaserGnomes. They arrived a few days later and finally after finding some free time and getting a little bit of gameplay in, I owe you something.

For those who don't know, LaserGnomes are based in San Fransisco. They are big fans of saving blasters from landfill, and refurbishing and rehousing them. I myself have recieved countless blasters from them, most of which are not readily avaliable in Australia. Lately they have increased their footprint in modding, mainly making blasters hit their desired potential, and making them more user-friendly.

Below is a link to their Facebook page, the best way to get in touch and see what they have on offer.

I have always been a fan of the Masterkey, from when it was first produced with a Stryfe and Roughcut. I was all set to make one, then we found out about the RapidStrike. I was in love. So i held off until something came along to make it look pretty. That's where LaserGnomes stepped in.

Initial prototypes looked promising, but they continued with R&D to produce a wonderful product that is perfectly suited, and looks like it was made by Hasbro themselves.

The connector (Blue) and RC trigger catch.

Both pieces are printed out of PLA (, instead of the typical ABS (

Close up of the RC trigger catch. Has LG on this face.

Very nice printing, can barely feel the ridges between layers. 

This side has screw holes to secure the Roughcut.

The blue Integrator has two tabs to help lock it into position on the Rapidstrike's bottom tactical rail. It can be removed, but this will be difficult and can damage the tabs, leading to a reduced grab on the blaster over time. So get all your internal modifications done before you install this piece.

The Integrator in its correct position. Looks good.

The Roughcut Slam Fire Trigger piece is surprisingly the most difficult part to install. The gears in the RC need to be aligned correctly. If not it can cause problems ranging from being unable to fire, unable to prime, slipping gears, the list goes on. LaserGnomes were happy to help with troubleshooting, and I eventually managed to get it right!

Once installed, locks into position, it won't fall out.

To fire with this piece installed takes a little bit of getting used to. Prime as normal and on the slide forward, the first chamber will fire. Then slide the priming bar back until you can hear the gears realign (roughly halfway), then slide the handle forward to fire the second round. It takes time, all you really want to do is slam back and forth, because that's what we are used too. But really, this piece is great, and makes those 8 shots really worth it!

Barely a gab, much better than cable ties or glue.
The second hardest part was the cutting of the RC shell. I loke this design because it keeps the blaster more compact, and includes the clip. Also, the lack of the RC trigger makes the whole thing look a lot cleaner.

These pieces now make my primary Rapidstrike a feared machine. Thats before they hear the flywheels spin up!

LaserGnomes came up with a fantastic design, deserving of the name, MasterStrike!

Make sure you check out LaserGnomes, they have plenty of 3D parts in their shop app, as well as newly released and vintage blasters and parts on their eBay store. Make sure you look into the shells for the SledgeFire, for MEGA darts, and a single Elite dart, the SlugFire!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and sorry for the long delay between updates!


My personal MasterStrike!