Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[S.O.F.T] Review: Hammershot - A Gunslinger's Best Friend

[Alex] Hey Squaddies! Finally I got this video review done: the Hammershot, by co-host Tom!
Click the link below to take you to YouTube:

[S.O.F.T] Squadron Of Foam Tasmania Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Now, a few things I need to mention first before I add my opinion on the Hammershot:

- Yes, I know the Hammershot has been out for a while.
- I had computer problems in the later part of 2013, which halted review production
- I still think this is a nice summary of the Hammershot (with a funny ending :P) so it was fun to do and worth uploading still
- I only just realised I've got two YouTube accounts with S.O.F.T videos split between them. Future video reviews will be done on a dedicated account, so when that is up and running you may need to re-subscribe, because a lot more videos will be pumping out this year :P
- This video review was a good exercise in making shorter videos without going like 10+ mins, so I'll be trying to keep future vids nice, short and concise from now on.

NOW! My opinion of the Hammershot. Tom loves it to bits as his favourite side-arm of choice. For me, I still prefer the Strongarm. The reasons are thus:

- Extra dart for capacity. I used to love using 2x Spectres and didn't mind the 5 dart capacity as compared to the Maverick with 6 darts. But since using the Strongarm which more punch and reliability, the extra dart does help
- More reliable priming. The hammer cocking mechanism is novel and certainly useful for single-hand priming or dual wielding, but it just isn't my cup of tea. I get frustrated trying to make sure the hammer goes all the way down, otherwise I get a yucky misfire and a dart pops out...
- More controllable trigger. I used a Hammershot in a duel at the last Nerf War, and I kept firing by accident because the trigger was so sensitive - literally a hair-thin trigger pull. The Strongarm (even when unmodified) has never given me any grief in this area.

I still think the Hammershot is awesome in functionality and it looks the part, but I just can't enjoy it as much as the Strongarm. Although to it's credit the hand grip on it is FANTASTIC :D

As Tom said at the end of the vid; if you haven't got one yet, give it a go and definitely buy one if you like it :D

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