Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crispy's Absence


Hey everyone, sorry for my extended absence from the blog. Life has been pretty busy.

As it is, I have managed to get my hands on 2 blue Longshots, which have not been imported ( the sellers would have wanted more than $10!)

One has an OMW Immortal kit, which equals my yellow version, and the second has the basic internal mods, along with my first integration of the front gun. I am not very good with aesthetic mods, but I am quite happy with how this turned out.

Total internal view.

I could not find a front gun trigger option that I was happy with, so I came up with my own. So far it holds up quite well. The front gun has the stock spring, and a cut down Retaliator spring. Shoots only 2-5 metres less than the LS with a 5kg spring!

Here you can see how i set up my trigger, and the spring layout.   

Oh yeah, one more thing! Who is familiar with the 1995 Nerf Crossbow? Looks a little like this:

Fully assembled.

Old-school box art.

Well, I actually have 2 incoming as you read this. One comes from Singapore which includes 2 arrows, and 10 darts. These are purely for collective purposes, although I will give you Squaddies a full and comprehensive review.

Keep your eyes peeled, I will have one great video review of the Crossbow up soon, but in the mean time, I will get some other stuff up soon.