Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crispy's Firing line: Upcoming Blasters


Hey Squaddies, hope you are all doing well. This blog post will be the first of several 'rant' type posts I will be putting out over an uncertain amount of time.

These rants are just coming from my thought process, so please add in any of your own opinions, I would love to have a good discussion about these topics.

First up, is the upcoming Rhino-Fire.
Image courtesy of BlasterLabs.

First of all, I think this thing is just ridiculous. Seriously Hasbro, I mean where do I start? The ammo drums, cool that's high capacity, but get it in a single drum. What happens when you load a drum or clip in with a smaller capacity? You just sit there and spin flywheels for no reason? Next, this thing is going to be awkward to hold, it will be like the Hail Fire again, no ability to aim unless you are on your belly. Third major issue, moving barrels? Why? What is the point? Is it just for the looks, because I just see it as something else to drain away the batteries. Early footage of a firing demo show it being very much Full-Auto, but that could change for production costs.

For modders, apart from new motors and batteries, what options do you have? Sure you can make a remote turrent, but I feel that may not be worth it.

Then there is the price, and limited quantities. For something that will retail for $100USD, I don't see where that comes from. Sure, we get 2 drums and 4 motors, some plastic and a little rubber and 50 darts, then it will be nearly another $20 before we can play with the damn thing on 6 D batteries.

Anyway, will be avaliable in Walmart in the States, no international seller at this point. You want one, have a good friend in the US. Let me know your thoughts.

Next up, is the Cam ECS-12

The second most expensive Blaster to be released this year, thanks to an overpriced, yet crap camera gimmick.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are things I like about this blaster, and others I hate. For example, I love the shell, it just looks awesome. But that's all.

The camera is terrible, reminds me of my first camera phone all those years ago. Sure, Nerf says it is to keep costs to a minimum, but they could do better. Yes, they throw in a memory card, but it isn't much good either.

The final two points I want to make are, IT'S STILL SEMI - AUTO! It's almost as if Hasbro want us to buy the updated Rapidstrike instead. Which in all likelihood will probably happen. Then, a 12 round clip. A 12 round clip should be the absolute minimum to include with a blaster. For something which may be meant to replace the Rapidstrike, it should have an 18 round.

Gimme the RS any day.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the article here. If you have anything you want to tell us, do it!

Next up, will probably be about re-shells and repaints. Stay tuned.