Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introduction to S.O.F.T. (Squadron of Foam Tasmania)

The official S.O.F.T. logo

Welcome, one and all, to the Squadron! It is a pleasure to bring you this blog, of which will hopefully turn into my pride and joy. Before I get ahead of myself with all this excitement... :P I should introduce the founder of S.O.F.T. for all our current members.
My name is Mr.1835Link, and I consider myself as a 'kid-adult', or 'kidult' :P I consider myself to be a normal Aussie bloke, with an interest in computers and writing. One of which, inspired this blog.
My first, or earliest experience with Nerf blasters (the main focus of this blog) was a few years ago, aged 15, when my mother bought my brother and I a Vulcan EBF-25 for Christmas. Being young and inexperienced, I thought it was a cool little toy, and we often went into the corridor of our humble abode to fire off a couple of rounds :P But, over time, the novelty wore off, and I went back to video games. But little did I know that my experiences would take off for better… or worse. It depends on your point of view. :P

We went up to a good friend's place, of which his little brother came into the possession of a Recon CS-6. When I first looked at the familiar brand on the side, I just had to give this blaster a go. And when I fired off a couple of shots, I fell in love with the thing. :P I guess I just adored the novelty and practical aspect of it. That's when the collecting began, and the rest is history. I'll type some more background up later for you to read if you're interested.

Anyway, onto S.O.F.T.; the latest Nerfing blog on the Internet. It's our goal to try and bring something different to the world of Nerfing, but we haven't quite figured that out yet. While we figure out what it'll be, we'll try to cram in as much foamy goodness into every post as we can. Here is what you can expect over the next weeks:
  • Full, comprehensive reviews on every blaster we've got our hands on thus far. We'll bring you as much information as we can, without doing your head in :P Think if it as a basic overview of the specs, and then we'll give you our thoughts, filled with loads of pretty pictures. :D
  • Full 360 Blaster Turnarounds, so you can view each blaster in glorious full 360 HD views. Hopefully, you'll be able to notice every little detail. This feature is so that if you don't currently have that blaster, you can gaze longingly at it here until you can grab one for yourself. I know, I've done this myself many times :P
  • Interesting news as well as our thoughts, rants, and funny videos can be found here, on the blog. We'll share with you, of which we think, are truly the best.
  • When S.O.F.T. becomes widespread, (of which we hope) we'll create an awesome little community of people, through our official blog, our Facebook page, and you can follow us on Twitter! You can join us at any time for discussions, regardless from what state, country, or planet you're from. :P
Well, I think that's all we've got lined up at the moment. Lots to do! The first official S.O.F.T video feature is already up on our YouTube companion channel, link at the bottom of the page. The first review, featuring the mighty Rayven CS-18, will be up in the next few days… as soon as I get time to write it :P

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and there'll be more details and blog announcements as we progress, write reviews, record video, take pictures, etc. We hope you enjoy your time here at the Squadron, as do I.


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