Friday, April 27, 2012

Video Feature 1: Rayven and Lumitron Night Demo

Hello fellow members, I forgot to put up the link for our first video feature. Kinda important, being a milestone for us :P

You can expect a remake of this video in the following weeks, since then we have obtained the right equipment (e.g. tripod) for this sort of recording. Kinda hard recording with a camera in one hand and the blaster in the other :P

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  1. [Alex] Although the video quality doesn't look crash hot initially, it really does do justice for just how bright these Light Up darts and disks really glow in pitch black.

    From my own first hand experience, the Lumitron magazine has the most effective glowing capability, compared to the Rayven clip. The reasons are as follows:

    - The Rayven Firefly Tech clip has the LED lights at the top where the first dart rests
    - This means the top dart and about three more beneath it will 'charge' from the light. However, deeper into the clip the other darts have to wait their turn to surface toward the LED light before getting enough light to glow brightly.
    - This also means when you fire the darts very quickly, the top few will be bright, and then the remaining darts will not be quite as impressive. If you want to get the most out of the glowing streamlines, you'd need to fire slower.

    - The Lumitron however has the LED's placed at the bottom of the magazine.
    - The feeding plate that pushes the disks up as you fire them is completely transparent, so the light shines through from the bottom upwards
    - The main glowing part of the Vortex Light-Up disks is the center core, which is semi-transparent, meaning any extra light that passes through it goes up to the next disk above.

    This effectively means that ALL of the disks charge more consistantly in the Lumitron Firefly Tech magazine than the Rayven clip. You can fire them as slow or as fast as you like and they'll all grow bright.