Thursday, January 10, 2013

S.O.F.T. Christmas Competition Entries - Announcement Tomorrow :D

[ALEX EDIT] Link missed one of the photo entries, so I'm just re-do'ing the list~

(Link) Hey Squaddies! No doubt, all of you are on the edge about who is the lucky victor of Alex's prize of an Elite Stockade! Well, we haven't quite decided yet. But, we shall commune and discuss it tonight, and then announce the lucky winner here on the blog tomorrow, 10/01/2013. But, for convenience and your viewing pleasure, let's see what our talented Squaddies have been coming up with.

Remember, one of these lucky individuals shall be receiving a Stockade soon :D

1. Curtis 'Soraka' Smith

"'Twas the Nerf before Christmas, and all through the map,
not a blaster was sounding, not even a snap.
Spare mags were shoved in pockets, bands, all around,
in the hope that soon the air-horn would sound.
The Nerfers were nestled all snug in their tents,
while visions of 20-metre headshots danc'd in their heads.

And Alex in his mask and with his lolmod's face,
had just settled in for a long VIP's wait.
When from among the attackers there came a shout,
so Alex got up to see what it was about.
Across to the other spawn he went,
hoping it was worth the time spent."

2. Psy Chosis:

"Here you go lads.. A shot of me and my homies, protecting the Xmas tree from the sudden invasion of present deprived zombies."

3. Joe Craddy

"Opening my presents with my nephew, Christmas 2011."

4. Jayden Urch

"This is what Nerf means for me at Christmas.."

My poor, poor wallet :(

4. Jeremy Arifin

"The person in front of the Xmas tree is my brother (we look exactly the same) with a home made SNAP bow MK5, made with all Aussie materials and a personalised paintjob."

"This one is of a is just a little 'representation' from a memory many years ago of what happened to my brother on Christmas (of course it wasn't exactly the same)"

5. Todd Buswell

"My kids with their Xmas presents
And I quote......
'you are THE GREATEST dad ever!!!!' "

Looks like our Squaddies have had a 'Nerfy' Christmas. (chuckle) 
Which entry do you think will win that Stockade? Tune in tomorrow and find out!

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  1. Too bad he didn't get that Stryfe. On the plus side, the White Out had a better plunger than the regular Longstrike.