Wednesday, January 2, 2013

S.O.F.T Christmas / New Years Giveaway! [Final Update]

[Final Update] Competition entries close this Sunday the 6th of January 2013. The winner will be announced on Wednesday the 9th.

reason for the *final* extension is due t
o a mild over-sight and a change in my non-Nerf plans that affects the judging and announcement of the competition.

Hey all Squaddies, did you have a great Christmas? I did :D although all my Nerf goodies arrived *after* Christmas... but you'll get a glimpse of them later tonight ;)
I just wanted to give a quick reminder and *final* update on our Christmas Giveaway competition:

What’s up for grabs? ...

A Nerf Elite Stockade
(Australian version) – brand new in the box and mailed right to your doorstep; absolutely free!

[Final Update]
The competition closes Sunday 6th January 2013 Midnight – this is the last time the competition will be extended, so hurry for your chance to score a free blaster! :D

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 10:00pm AEST

Who is eligible?

Any Australian Resident
(Sorry Overseas Squaddies; since this is our first sizeable giveaway, we want to keep it simple by starting out "local". Plus since this is all out of our own pockets… we’d like to keep the costs down for our first attempt x_x)

What do you have to do for your chance to win a Nerf Elite Stockade?
We would like you to show us what Nerf means to you at Christmas time. It can be in *almost* any format; photos, video, a written essay, music… whatever works for you that expresses how you feel about Nerf and Christmas :P … just as long as we are able to view it and understand it coherently :S

These are the rules to abide by at all times:
- Australian Residents Only
- No offensive or otherwise inappropriate material / submissions… You’ll go straight onto Santa’s Naughty list if you do D:<
- Your submission has to be your OWN! Don’t pinch other people’s work; you wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you…

How to submit your entry to us:
- You can post it (or link to it) on our Squadron Of Foam Tasmania blog:

- Or send us an email to:

What you need to give / tell us:
- A competition entry (of course :P)
- Provide us your name and a way for us to contact you (e-mail address, Facebook, etc) – so if you win we know how to get in touch with you! (It would be best to send these sensitive details to our e-mail: )
- *If* we contact you as our winner, we will require you to provide us with your postal address… otherwise the Nerf Stockade won’t be able to find the way to its new home :( 

Some suggestions / recommendations:
- As long as whatever you submit involves Nerf and Christmas together, let your creativity go with it! Just remember to try and be original, and again; do not steal other people’s ideas as mentioned earlier!
- We will be judging on quality, not quantity. You are welcome to submit multiple entries… but we think you’ll be better off spending more time focusing on one GREAT entry rather than lots of little ones :P
- Try to make sure your entry is easy to understand! Blurry photos, very shaky video or poorly spelt writing makes it difficult for us to judge :S

- If you have any other questions at all, just ask away! Here, Facebook, via e-mail - whatever suits you! :D

More details can be found in the original announcement thread here: away here, or e-mail us, or comment on our Facebook page if you have any further questions or requests. Looking forward to seeing your entries soon! :D

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