Friday, June 1, 2012

News: Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Official Photo & Thoughts

Coming straight from Nerf's Official Facebook page, here we have the first official shot of the Hail-Fire.  And now, I must admit, that is one AWESOME looking piece of kit. It is unlike anything I've seen thus far coming out of Nerf's lab :P Let me run off my thoughts about the Hail-Fire, as I am feeling as of now:

1. The Hail-Fire looks BIG, and badass. I must admit, wielding this monster will take some getting used to. I would really like to see if it is possible to dual-wield. :P
2. Personally, I LOVE seeing the names of blasters being represented on their hosts, and this one doesn't dissappoint. Maybe it is just I am a huge fan of cosmetics and asthetics, I don't know. :P More detail, makes more eye candy :P
3. Due to my experiences with flywheel blasters (For newcomers, two vertical flywheels spin around very fast, when the trigger is pulled, the dart gets pushed inbetween the flywheels, and is gripped, and launched through the mouth of the barrel.) I am personally looking forward to this system. I love the feeling of awesomeness when you rev up those wheels, and the noise sounds out that YOU ARE COMING. With this beast, it'll be a LOT more intimidating that a Rayven :P

Now, all of us want to see how the rotating ammo rack works, Nerf! :P You've impressed me thus far. :)

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