Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News: S.O.F.T.'s 3rd and 4th Affiliates

We here at S.O.F.T. are proud of our achievements thus far, we've come a fair way since the beginning. With the signing of the contracts :P of our 3rd and 4th brother Nerf sites, the future looks bright. :D Let's introduce them now! :D


A YouTube channel (or YouNERF channel :P) Michael and the team from HvZAuburn make some really high-quality videos of Human VS Zombies matches, a game usually played with Nerf blasters. He also makes video reviews and unboxings, and is a friend of Jason and Basic Nerf. Highly recommended for a quick look. :)

Modern Nerf:

Ethan's site has been up for a year now, but his blog has been feeling a little lonely. Great thing he came to us, then :D He admits that his site does repeat infomation from other blogs, BUT, he DOES offer his own thoughtful opinions about new news and upcoming blasters, and he posts VERY deductive analysation and logical/educated guesses. I like that :D Anyway, his site is lacking on the graphical side, but has promised, he is working on it. Have a look, and support Ethan and the team. :)

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