Friday, June 1, 2012

News: S.O.F.T.'s 2nd Affiliate Announcement

Wow, this blog is gaining more speed than I expected! :P Heh heh. I'm proud to announce the signing of the contract (Not really :P) of our second brother blog, Chiew Peng Luk and the team from Nerf Blaster And Accessories ( Welcome to the Squadron, mates!

Nerf Blaster And Accessories hails from Australia (epic win!) and his blog is home to some of the best Nerfing tips I have read. I found his blog one day while I was bored in class, and his posts make for an excellent read. :) We'll be helping out each other from now, so welcome aboard once again. His site is also home to an excellent Nerf 'Shopping List', of where you find where to buy the blaster you most want. Excellent service to the Aussie community, mate :D

Have a visit to his site!

Remember, if you have a blog and want to join the Squadron, click on the 'S.O.F.T. Affiliates' tab on top of the page, and read the details. :D

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