Friday, August 10, 2012

Announcement: The Australian DT/HvZ Championships (A dream of mine...)

(Link) The headline that you see above you is the stuff of dreams... A full-blown tournament, potentially being held in Victoria, featuring three key Nerfing Facebook communities... Canberra VS Riverina VS S.O.F.T. (In other words, ACT vs NSW vs TAS) and maybe, potentially more. :)

This is the stuff legends are made of... I've always wanted to attend an event like this... But living down here in S.O.F.T. territory, I never get the chance to. All this could change though.

If you're an avid Australian Nerfer and want an event such as this to become a reality, let us know!! Thumbs up to the the Aussie Nerf DT Championships! :)


  1. Seeing as the battlefield will likely be in VIC, any chance Outback Nerf can join in the blast fest too?

    1. Mate, I have out first official rule: Every Nerfer is welcome. :D The more, the better as they always say (With more blogs backing us, more publicity) :D