Thursday, August 9, 2012

Link's Customization Corner

(Link) Hello all, hope you enjoyed the result of all of Alex's hard work, the Elite reviews. Now, as I was playing around with my Recon earlier on, I thought: 'I could turn this into a segment.' So, it is with great pleasure I announce the arrival of Link's Customization Corner! Every so often, I'll post a photo up of a blaster combo I think works well. Maybe even a Primary/Secondary combo? You never know, so stay tuned for the results of our experiments. :D


  1. I have an idea! :))) Strikefire on a Longstrike's barrel extension, its going to be like the LSFG :D

    1. [Alex] That sounds cool :P I can also imagine it on a Retaliator's barrel extension substituting the front grip :D

  2. Hey link, may I have the permission to create a customization corner on my blog like yours? :P