Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Vortex Ammo Belt Kit – Convenient and Disc-tastic. :D

(Link) For today’s write-up, we’ll be examining the first ‘full’ accessory supporting the Vortex range, the Ammo Belt Kit. It only just arrived on Tassie shores (our affiliate blog Outback Nerf the first blog to give their thoughts) and we are glad to now bring you OUR thoughts. 

Since the Vortex’s HUGE reveal and release last year with FOUR blasters, the Vortex range has lay a little dormant this year, due to Nerf focusing their efforts on the new Elite range coming soon, hopefully. We’ve seen the Lumitron released, now this belt, and that’s about it for Vortex. (Until the Pyragon comes along :D :D :D) Until that beast of a weapon arrives, it’s a good sign that Nerf still support the line with the release of this new Ammo Belt Kit. 

As far as I know, it has only been sighted in Australian K-mart stores thus far. So of course, I went and picked one up. They had nine, and now they have eight :P In the box (a very nice looking box too, I might add) you get your Vortex belt, Disc Pouch, two Disc magazines, a blaster clip, a 10-disc magazine and 15 normal Vortex discs. (Notice the Pyragon on the back, they’re TEASING us… :P) For $15 bucks, you get a decent amount of kit, considering you can get a 10 disc refill here in Aus for $5. 

Think of the belt as the Vortex equivalent of the N-Strike Bandolier Kit, for example. One thing I liked about this belt is that it is ENTIRELY customisable. Yes, you can put each component (which are modular), where you want it to go. It’s a good thing, considering the actor on the box art. He has that Proton VERY close to his gentlemen’s area. And I can already predict the results if you copy his set-up. :P I’ll run through each component of the belt, in more detail, if you’d like. 

First up, I’ll talk about the belt itself. As with all belts, it is adjustable to suit all body shapes. My preference is it to wear the belt just above the hip bone. The clip is very well detailed, something I’ve come to expect from Nerf. It still features that alien hexagonal pattern, and fits in well with the rest of the range. 

The Ammo Pouch is very similar to the N-Strike Camo Ammo Bag, except a little smaller and without the divider. It is very lightweight and comfortable and looks good to boot. Only one niggle though: the Velcro holding down the flap comes to two small squares. There’s a chance to mis-place it, and the discs fly out. Only a small niggle though. :D AND, why is it advertised to hold 25 when it can hold at least 35 or more from my tests? :P Also, thanks to Outback Nerf, it has been proven that you can also attach an N-Strike Camo Bag for even more storage solutions. :D 

The 10-disc magazine that comes included in the Kit, is exactly the same as the magazine that comes with a Praxis, EXCEPT, it is coloured ORANGE. I wasn’t expecting this colour when I first heard about the Kit, and kinda shunned it. But, the orange magazine fits in perfectly with the Lumitron’s orange detailing, so if you like using your Lumitron, don’t want to use the Firefly mag, and picky about colour co-ordinating, this mag will suit that wish perfectly. :D And anyway, a mag is a mag, so don’t complain! :P 

The two magazine holders themselves work surprisingly very well, and can hold onto two magazines on the belt with an iron grip. :P The mag is inserted into the top, and small grooves in the holder stop the mag from slipping through while running. All Vortex mags can be stored in the holders, including the Firefly and 20-disc magazines. J It is really easy to pull the mags out to reload your weapon and grab discs from the pouch to reload stored empty mags (providing they are facing the right way), I love this feature. Plus they look great also. :D 

It has been stated by a few of our fellow blogs that the Blaster Clip seemed a little flimsy and easily breakable. I’m glad to say, it actually works quite well. I’ve attached it to a Proton, and it makes an excellent storage solution for a side-arm. Also, I’ve hooked up a Vigilon to the clip, and jumped up and down (yes, I REALLY did do that :P) to test out if it slips out or not. Thanks to an interesting little pattern, it stays together. I’ll put some photos down below to show what I mean. 

In conclusion, the Vortex Belt is a great buy for any Vortex user. It is very good value in my opinion, entirely customizable, great ammo holders and storage, and looks cool to boot. The parts slide around a little if not tightly done up, but there is more positives than negatives. A good buy, I proudly give the Ammo Belt Kit 9.5 discs out of 10 discs. Go and grab one, or two for even more storage ideas. Maybe add four mag holders to a belt? Go ahead. :P 

S.O.F.T.’s Official Verdict: 9.5 discs/10 discs

Just a few photos of your chief wearing the belt :P 

And my favourite layout for the belt.


  1. I was really baffled at how the bag *holds up to 25* but actually holds up to 35, but it's good in a sense. It means Nerf is surprising us in a good way (e.g. Vortex surpassing 60ft easy) as opposed to a bad way (e.g. Elite only get 50ft flat).

    It's incredibly good value because a tech kit (mag + 10 discs) is worth about $10 (and we don't have them anyway), so $5 more for 5 more discs and a fully accessorised belt is great.

    A niggle about the blaster holder, though. When running the blaster is very likely to swing about greatly. Anything larger than a Proton or Vigilon (which is pushing it a little) would be uncomfortable and potentially hurt you. I personally would have preferred a proper holster (like the N-Strike Tac Vest's one) but hey, for $15 I'm not complaining.

  2. [Alex] Oh yeh, I'm definitely getting two of these. Then once I get my hands on a Pyragon, my "Vortex" battle outfit will be complete >:D

  3. Ohh.. you make me jealous.
    Never mind, a sweet Pyragon's better to me.
    I have my own metal belt clip so holding a Sharp Shot's no problem. :)