Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Vortex Proton – Quick Draws, but Rounder? O.o…

(Link) The original quadruplet of Vortex blasters were released into the world here in Australia September 2011, as the Nerf brand’s traditional 9th September major release each year. (Just like the official release of the Elite line this year.) With an all new styling/colour scheme and new type of long-range ammunition, were the fans impressed? It was a mixed bag, but we here at S.O.F.T. HQ embraced the arrivals with open arms. 

In celebration of the Vortex Pyragon’s incoming release Down Under sometime next month (or now, according to sources from Urban Taggers), we thought we’d take an in-depth look at each Vortex blaster released thus far (except for the Lumitron, we’ve done that already :P) and finally when it is released, a review on the newest big, bad blaster for the year, the Pyragon itself. First up in our quadruplet of Vortex reviews, it is the humble Proton. 

In the box, it's contents are simple: the Proton unit, 3 XLR Green Discs, and instructions.

The concept of the Proton is simple: the light, quick single shot disc blaster of the four, the Vortex equivalent of the N-Strike veteran Nite Finder EX-3. There are some things that the Proton executes brilliantly, making it a worthy counterpart. For one, the build quality of the Proton feels so solid, and nothing rattles. It is a well-built blaster, of which you can’t argue with. 

And I’ve touched on this before with the Lumi review, I LOVE the ‘toughness’ and ‘alien’ looks of the Vortex blasters. The Proton is reminiscent of a sci-fi pistol. The new paint job isn’t too bad either, it highlights the fact these blasters are in a different league of their own. Due to the new ammo, the Vortex blasters are WAY thicker than their N-Strike cousins, but I didn’t really mind this. It was certainly exciting to try something new back then, and as soon as we whipped the blasters out of the box, we instantly put them to work shooting mini Frisbees and laughing stupidly :P 

The Proton features an awesome loading method. At the rear of the blaster features a pull-ring (similar to the Nite Finder) of which you pull back to reveal a slide. Simply load a disc into the slide, then pull down the red lever (on either side of the blaster, which caters for everyone :D) to prime the blaster, and SHOOT!!! It also has loads of etchings on the slide, which are of a instructional sort, which is great. This method works very well, and when the slide re-inserts into the main unit, it has a weird sci-fi springy sound, which adds to the appeal. 

The blaster also features a jam switch on the slide also, but I hardly ever needed to use it. As long you don’t rush re-loading it too fast, you should be fine. A Tactical Rail is also features on the top, but there aren’t any official Vortex accessories released thus far suited to it. 

It feels so sturdy and comfortable in hand, and pointing the Proton towards your target makes it feel like a real sci-fi pistol :P And contained in the handle, a loop to attach to the new Ammo Belt, or something similar. :P

As for distance, it does NOT disappoint. Due to the build of the discs, they travel slowly through the air, but gain even more distance than darts ever could, just so long as you don’t aim upwards at an angle. It has been proved by our brother blog Urban Taggers that the Proton slightly gets more distance than the rest of the range, and more accurate. As a Single Shot, it HAS to be accurate, and the Proton is excellent. Just beware though, due to the spinning nature of the discs, they tend to curve to the right when fired. 

To sum up, if you’re interested in finding out what the V line is all about, the Proton is a great little blaster. It makes for an excellent side-arm, as long as you carry extra ammo (since it doesn’t have built in holders) and great distance. If you interested in purchasing, the Proton is flying around major Australian retailers for $7 - $15 dollars, so I highly recommend it.

S.O.F.T.’s Official Verdict: 8.5 discs/10 discs 

Disc Wars Anyone? :D


  1. Just a thought, can you test the range and accuracy between the Proton and the Pyragon(once you get it)?

    1. Yes, that could be possible. :D I'm planning to do some un-boxing videos when the Elite gear and Pyragon arrive down here anyway. But knowing Tassie weather... :P