Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Battle of The Blasters 2013 - Hail-Fire VS Pyragon


(Link) Okay fans, time for a NEW segment! Every fortnight, it is time to pitch two blasters up against each other in a battle of wits and might, to determine WHICH is the ultimate. This will continue for a few rounds (kinda like an elimination contest throughout the year) to determine which is the Squadron's FAVOURITE blaster, of ALL-TIME!!! Sounds exciting! I know it does! 

This is how it works. Every fortnight, I'll post up a picture of two blasters, and YOU (yes, you) "have the power" to vote (by blog comment, FB comment or e-mail :P) for which blaster that YOU (one vote each please, please provide YOUR thoughts also) think is the best out of the two. By the end of mid-2013-ish, Alex and I will declare the Squaddie's favourite blaster, OF ALL TIME!!! Then I will build a special podium for the victor in the S.O.F.T. bunker, as a way of symbolizing eternal AWESOMENESS. After all, that's what we all strive towards. 

Okay. First round! It's the two latest flagship blasters of modern times, the Elite Hail-Fire and Vortex Pyragon. Each has their strengths and weaknesses (take this into consideration) and vote for your favourite. Bear in mind, Alex and I will be voting as well, so that MIGHT tips the odds. :P We will tally the votes up by next Monday (18th Feb) and declare the winner, and announce our NEW competitors. :D Think hard, vote hard, NERF hard!!! :P


  1. Hail Fire,

    i havnt been swayed by the Vortex series, i prefer darts to discs.

    ~ Crispy ~

  2. Pyragon,

    I haven't been swayed by the ELITE series(except for the Triad), I prefer DISCS over darts. Though I like dart-firing sidearms.

    And also, I have the Pyragon so I've handled it before.

  3. Hailfire,

    I prefer the higher capacity potential and spam ability (I prefer the semi-auto trigger pull to slamfire). I personally like darts over discs due to their lower cost, higher capacity clips, various dart blasters (honestly more ways to have different blasters than with discs), and satisfaction of each shot. It just doesn't look right shooting discs that move so slowly through the air to the point that they are dodge-able. It also doesn't feel right slam firing such a heavy blaster (correction: heavy drum).

    Soul Nerfer----------==*

    P.S. I have the Hailfire and reach-out-and-grab access to a Pyragon

  4. És molt xula la nerf hail-fire!!!!!

    Ernest pericay cufi