Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mr.1835Link's 'Stand-Out' Blasters - Part 1

(Link) Hey fans! While I'm waiting for this MYSTERY video to upload, I thought I might take a moment of your time to explain my answer to a question I asked to you guys. If you remember, a week ago, ish :P I popped up a question asking:

What's Your Favourite Blaster? (Recent or All-Time?)

Now, I'm a bit 'indecisive' when it comes to 'favourites'. I tend to give all blasters a fair chance and don't pick favourites. But, in this 'job' :P there are those who stand out among the rest, and deserve some credit. :D And this article 'series' is to explain why these key blasters stood out to me. Of course, I'd love to hear your opinion on 'it' too. To business then!!! 

I'd like to introduce my first 'Stand-out' blaster. 

Yep, the humble 'ol N-Strike Spectre REV-5. 

For many-a Nerf-a-holic, THIS was the sidearm of choice (until the Strongarm came along) for some OBVIOUS reasons. A 'love-child' of the Maverick and Recon, the Spectre features a 5-dart capacity, a 'Silencer' barrel, folding stock and sleek looks. What's not to love?

My story? It was the blaster I was most looking forward to out of the '2010 Trio' (BB, Spectre and AT) because of the sleek, streamlined looks, and due to the face it was 'stylized' as a stealth weapon of danger :P

What I love about it most is the weight. It's just so easy to quickly whip it out of your pocket/holster and start laying down the foam :P It only had five darts, but hey, all darts count in a war. The accessories that were included are a bit of a gimmick, but they add to the appeal and awesomeness.The barrel is a massive improvement too, I just love that 'ratcheting' noise :P

Well, that's my opinion, what do you think about the Spectre? Sound off below.

AND SOME NEWS: I'm working on a mini-review (my own opinions) on the Elite Hail-Fire. Keep On Nerfing Squaddies! :D

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  1. Gotta agree, the Spectre is so much better than the Maverick. Ranges are good, accuracy is good, ROF is decent, and it's very slim. Not sure it's humble, but meh, it's a great blaster and I'm not complaining.