Monday, February 4, 2013

MyLastDart: Elite color Barrel-Break-IX2 spotted at ToysRus

(Link) Check it out, looks like Nerf are re-releasing the humble Barrel Break... Minus the Ammo Holder. :/

MyLastDart: Elite color Barrel-Break-IX2 spotted at ToysRus: In true fashion, looks like ToysRus are trigger happy on releasing pics of the Elite Barrel-Break That's all I can release now until I chec...


  1. Purchased one today. Not to bad maybe 7/10

    1) no longer elastic based primer its all SOLID plastic yay
    2) easy to load and feels nicer to prime
    3) HUGE tac rail. possibly even two accessories

    1) no ammo rail like before. will need to make one myself
    2) will be very difficult to mod for two reasons. The first is approximately 20 screws hold the front barrel mechanism together alone. The second is the barrels are about 2x the width of a dart so realistically a full barrel sleeve will need to be designed. maybe my first shot at a full brass barrel I think.
    3) the one dart, two dart trigger is so much more sensitive than before. I've often been accidentally shooting both darts while practicing.

    Overall I wouldn't rely on the IX-2 as a primary weapon but definitely as a secondary. If you have to be all bad ass and want a shotgun style primary I would highly recommend the roughcut 4x2 over this as the ammo is nicely set up and it is easier to mod than this gun.

    1. I also forgot to mention a fairly good Pro... it's a badass shotgun :)