Monday, February 4, 2013

News for 2013 and What's Your Favorite Blaster?

(Link) Well, here we are AT LAST. S.O.F.T.'s RETURNED!!! WOO-HOO!!! :P (ahem, calming down now.)

Welcome fans, old and new, to 2013. :D It's set to be a HUGE year for S.O.F.T., as we are celebrating our first birthday in April! :D Yay!!! Alex and I are planning something MASSIVE for that, but, you'll have to wait for more news on that, as we are still figuring out the details. 

As for our reviews? They shall be returning on a regular basis, and maybe some NEW sections as well? Ooooo. Stay tuned Squaddies! :D

Okay, time for the first REAL question for the year. It's simply to get our fan's opinions, and something to think about. 

1. What's your FAVOURITE Nerf blaster? (Recent or All-Time?)

That's something for you to think about. :D In the next post, I shall be revealing my favourites! Have a think, and voice your opinion. :D

S.O.F.T. is back, baby!


  1. It was my modded Stampede, but now with my Immortal Kit, the Longshot has taken rightful place as number 1.

    ~ Crispy ~

  2. Was Alpha Trooper, but the Pyragon is my top dog now.Woof Woof. :P

    As secondary, its got to be the Elite Triad though.